Prince's legendary Purple Rain live at Syracuse concert from 1985 will have a superdeluxe release. Here's a taste

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This IS a mostly wonderful thing.


Bring it on, I’m ready for the The Man The Myth The Magic.


This is very cool. We saw this tour at the Cow Palace in '85. No stub in my collection, it was one of the ones that didn’t survive.


I wasn’t thinking when I didn’t save my stub from the time I saw him at the Coliseum in Oakland, 20-something years ago…


I so wish I could have seen him live. What a performer.


Yea, I kept EVERY stub and had them in envelopes. But over time, stuff just got lost in moves, etc.
Finally around the time that most tickets started becoming PDFs, etc… and my old ones were fading, I put the ones that DID survive on a flatbed scanner in what turned out to be 3 batches so I would have it that way.
These were all I had left, which was a fraction of what should have been had I not been so careless…


Body Count in 93…

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So frustrating when performers … even at the time, are top-notch and obviously destined for the pantheon of music legends , yet there’s so precious little in terms of good quality performance recordings.

Ya it costs the label a few bucks to hook up an 8-track for a board feed and not every gig is stellar, but so many legendary shows lost to time, all we’re left with is maybe a crowd RoIO that’s barely listenable.

Same vein as NASA or the BBC reusing video tapes to save a dime when those recordings would be priceless/worth millions today.

And in '92 at Day on the Green. They were on the bill with GnR and Metallica…
The one at the Warfield, I remember Ice Tea was walking the venue chatting with people who were there early prior to the opener. I THINK it was DRI. He was very sweet and kind, shaking hands and talking with whomever wanted to talk with him.
That U2/Public Enemy/Sugarcubes show in Oakland was the last Day on the Green ever.


a) Prince is incredible.
b) Prince is dead.
c) I’m going to be pirating the SHIT out of this release

I’ve got a copy of the version that was briefly on youtube. It’s a masterclass in performance and a band that is almost telepathically connected

It’s such a good show I might actually buy this

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