Watch incredible video of Prince's "Purple Rain" debut


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I don’t have this for a lot of artists, but I know where I was the first time I heard Prince. An arcade in Mammoth California, with my childhood best friend. It was Little Red Corvette and I was enthralled.

He was so young. Damn.


Yeah, flash doesn’t work on computers that flash isn’t installed on either…


that was indeed incredible. wish it was high rez, but wow.


Yea, this is worth preserving in a more useful format.


This is a placeholder post. If someone could reply to this post if a non-flash version of this video is located that would be great. Thank you.


Right clicking on the highlighted text link and picking “Save link as” should get you a file called "movie.mp4"
Purple Rain debut MP4
(direct link to sites video)


That is honestly the worst video player I’ve ever tried to use.


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