New way of building bridges could be faster, cheaper, better

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I’m all for cool, fast new techniques for things. Although for critical infrastructure I feel nervous about saving time and money. Look at the disaster of the Florida bridge that used a faster technique.

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Engineer: I think we should reschedule the demonstration. The gap is too wide.

Marketing: No it’s not. Our bridge can do anything!

Bridge: ugh can’t …reach.

Marketing: Why didn’t anyone tell me it’s too wide?


If the Russians are using this, then expect it to be used widely during tRump’s next 4 years of dictatorship.

Great, a new and quick way to make way for more automobiles. That’s exactly what we need.

I prefer the good old-fashioned way of building bridges.
You build the bridge, and it takes as long as it takes. Then you keep driving bigger and bigger trucks over it until it collapses.
Then you build it again, but now you know what number to put on the weight limit sign.


Even in a world where all transportation infrastructure was built with trains, buses, bicycles and pedestrians in mind we’d still need bridges.


Yeah I’m seeing a lot in the Popular Mechanics piece about how this technique is faster and cheaper, but not how it results in a better bridge.

Anyone bother reading closer? Are we missing something?

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Uh, they picked two: Faster and cheaper. This is still a poured reinforced concrete bridge. They just lay out the forms and rebar faster (which conceivably also saves money). It’s unlikely it’s better since the finished bridge is the same as a conventional bridge.


Yes. It seems like a construction improvement, but not necessarily a bridge improvement.


Dear, if you don’t know the answer, just tell him.


I do remember that one! But I also know that it was a classic Dad Joke long before Calvin existed.

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Remember the good old days, when we would ride our bicycles across rivers

It’s actually boating, or even swimming, but, yeah, point taken.

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