New web series of note: "It gets worse," videos on the sorrowful lives of comedians

Via Laughing Squid: “Comedians Dave Waite and Grant Lyon have created the It Gets Worse Project as a way ‘to communicate why being a stand up comedian is simultaneously the best and worst job in the country.’” READ THE REST

Jeez, They could at least try to have a sense of humor about it. (/sarcasm)

Ugh, I want that time back. Rob P.'s Life as a Comic series was much better.

Are the two comedians starting at 0:45 intentionally trying to look almost identical?

This is basically the life of anyone who lives off their art. You get hooked on that first high, then you spend most of your life in the trenches hating yourself, but like a battered wife, you keep crawling back, hoping it will be better next time. And sometimes, it is. Sometimes it’s one of the most fucking awesome things a human can experience. Sorry to mix the abused spouse/junkie metaphor, but that’s the most accurate thing i could come up with.

Life as a scientist sucks just about as hard.

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