New York City's worst landlords


Isn’t it funny how slumlords never seem to live on-premises?


On a non-D.O.A. related note, a substantial percentage of thse cases seemed to involve rent-controlled apartments. Is that just because of the proportions in the region and/or because fucking with poor people is easier and safer; or is it mostly a reflection of a desire to remove rent-controlled units from the market and convert them into something more profitable?

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Sadly I was not able to locate the actual music on the Net. I heard the MP3, though, so it must exist somewhere.

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Sounds like a ratking issue.

I met a guy who called his father the slumlord of ??? (medium sized Michigan city – Kalamazoo?)… He said that his father’s slumlordship seemed to naturally arise from his miserly nature.
He had lots of stories, but the only one that stuck in my head was that unhappy tenants would often toilet paper their house and that his dad would make him and his siblings go out and carefully collect the TP so that they could use it…


Mind the pine needles and twigs.

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Why choose when you can have all of the above?

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