New York mayor De Blasio puts down "creepy" police robo-dog that was working with NYPD

All of this, yes. Put them in service, not suppression.

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Wait, a movie where a cop shoots a rich white guy? Ah yes, fiction.


Although the metallic doggo has been shelved, there’s a chance it could return in the future during a less contentious time for police. “For now, this is a casualty of politics, bad information, and cheap sound bytes," said deputy commissioner Miller [ really, bytes? – ed. ]
“We should have named it Lassie.”

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But then there is the case for tactically trained small (real) dogs:

That was also the idea with helicopters, drones, and any number of other police technologies. Somehow they always still seem to go in guns blazing. It’s almost like the police primarily use their new technologies for oppression rather than improved outcomes.

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Then blame the police, not the robodog.

the only thing that stops a bad guy with a slamhound is, uh, :thinking:

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