Watch out for the remote-controlled Pizza Rat!

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This would be my reaction to a “pizza rat”.


I’m shocked the NYPD resisted the urge to issue some “disturbing the peace” charges.

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tell you whut though, that first one on the subway platform with the woman in high heels… not cool. it’s a good thing she didn’t fall into the train.


The pranksters of New York got the cop’s paid off.

He’s way too close with the camera, almost everyone immediately sees him following.

“WHAAT is tha— oh, someone’s doing a YouTube thing.”

Interesting how men don’t seem to flinch while women have the instinctive climb on a nonexistant chair response to seeing a rat.

Are hobble skirts back in style? Hot damn, I’m moving back to the Big Apple!

We could say instead that men are just so unaware of things going on around them that they can’t even see a rat in front of them whereas women are so much more in-tune to their surroundings and aware of whats happening around them.


I’m surprised no one tried to stomp on the thing.

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I killed a rat once, big as a cat, chased it down the street with a broom. It’s not as easy as you’d think. I only caught up to it cause it slipped on some gravel. I don’t know how many times I hit it but I broke the broom handle and it was still trying to get away.
Nasty job that was.

Situational unawareness, yo.

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