Watch this reporter scared stiff on live TV

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I watched about 20 times, it’s perfect! She’s so good-natured, his reaction to her startle is priceless, and the mild rebuke of “We’re working here man!” has no anger in it at all.


What a bunch of goofballs :slight_smile:

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I know this guy was just bombing a live take, but after all the FHRITP shit that’s going on, he’s lucky he didn’t get a microphone shoved down his throat. Edit: I’m not advocating for that, just saying that it wouldn’t be surprising in context.

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She is goodhearted about it, but I wonder if she would’ve been that scared if another kind of person had done that…

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My favorite KTLA reaction is still Chris Schauble’s earthquake response:


Yeah, being startled like that doesn’t give enough time to suppress the inner racism.

She may not have even been able to tell he was black just a person suddenly where there shouldn’t have been.


Weird. I was just down at the blockade of Shell’s boat at the St. Johns bridge in Portland, and both reporters doing standups were blonde women wearing dresses. Is this a job requirement?


I look at this the exact opposite way. She is startled just because as she turns something is there, hell, it could have been a lion! Once she sees it is just a person, she instinctively smiles and laughs. That second reaction shows whats in her heart, and could not have been hidden.


You are probably right, however, the racism issue must be always be raised.


Yeah, the way she frantically shudders (before even turning and seeing the man) makes me think his sleeve/arm very softly brushed her and she thought “Spider!” or something. She seems super relieved the instant she identifies what it really is (not a spider… Whew!).


In this case, you’re reaching sweat-pea.


ah…I mean sweet-hog.


Geez, I thought the ‘that wouldna happened if he had been white’ post was going to be first. How bloody predictable.

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Well, I’m glad she didn’t have a badge and a gun.

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Predictable? It wasn’t first, and it wasn’t even what I said. Thanks for playing, but do please bring your brain next time.

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Why exclude his anchorwoman partner? Hers was funny too!

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Come on. She is concentrating on her broadcast, someone sneaks up behind her and when she turns, he´s suddenly centimeters in front of her face. It could have been fucking Mickey Mouse and she would´ve been startled.


So it’s impossible, despite the long history of demonizing black men as hungry for white women, for her to be even more “startled” because it was a black man? (I’m thinking it’s not.)

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