BBC reporter grabs woman's boob on live TV


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Wow. That looked pretty deliberate, his hand was between her cardigan and her shirt.



It almost looks like he was trying to pull her jacket/cardigan?


He looks at her beforehand too, it’s pretty indefensible.


Tough to say.


Agreed. But I dislike assuming the worst – at least initially. It’s possible that he was trying to stay focused on his actual job so that the location of the grab was unconscious or unintentional.


But I’d be able to tell after a second that I was grabbing a boob, wouldn’t you? He didn’t withdraw his hand or move it to her shoulder.


“And when you’re a star, they let you do it,” Trump says. “You can do anything.”

“Whatever you want,” says another voice, apparently Bush’s.

“Grab them by the p—y,” Trump says. “You can do anything.”



What he did appears deliberate to me…because he certainly could have grabbed her by the face like a Xenomorph facehugger and shoved her back. He went to her chest, which to be fair when you choose to stop someone, a hand to the chest isn’t abnormal. I do not believe based on the look that he was trying to feel her up. I am on the fence with that because he has a smug look on his face which I cannot tell from the video if its because he’s lecherous or because he’s British. possibly both.

I also hate that it appears she was purposefully interrupting a live interview as a stunt, dare, or prank. If that is the case, how was this entire thing not avoidable?


Afterwards, the camera man does a slow, purposeful zoom in on the interviewee, almost out of embarrassment.


Even stranger, she doesn’t seem that offended.


She looks shocked, and then she hits him.


Nah, she clearly doesn’t protest enough, so she must like it! You know those wimmins! /s


At the very least he didn’t give two shits once hand hit boob, and that shouldn’t be normal either. If it was accidental, you would expect his hand to move even if he didn’t fall over himself to apologize.

Even the guest gives the situation a surprised look though he doesn’t comment on it.


I’m sure he’s very embarrassed. In fact, I bet he felt a right tit.


He cupped his hand around it. My verdict: Deliberate.


Completely agree. Based on what we see I think it wasn’t initially intentional, but then he was probably thinking “Well fuck it…this is what you get for interrupting my interview you twit”

Given her intentions were shitty, and his actions are shitty…I just think the entire thing is shite.


Yeah. She wasn’t expecting it, and clearly wasn’t happy about it.


Seems to me he looked over at her as his hand went out. Now maybe his reflexes are dulled due to drink or whatever, but I think he knew as he was doing it. And he could’ve pulled back and apologized.