Man attacks ABC journalist Bree Steffens while she is reporting live


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I’m gonna guess it had to do with her being a woman talking in public. Seems to upset a good deal of menfolk lately.


Oh you feminazis, always playing that sexism card, every chance you get!

(Good to read that Bree Steffens is okay.)


Indeed. I can imagine that was frightening for and the camera person.


“Harassed” is when someone walks past the live tv crew yelling “WOOOOO CUBBIES, SOX SUCK, HI MOM”.

I’d call this occasion something more along the lines of “assault”.


I would think twice about attacking a person holding a heavy and heavily insured Camera.


Well, yeah, because you’re not an asshole! :wink:


It looks like she rushed towards the guy. Maybe to save the camera? Guy was throwing horns. Drunk and thought this was a Judas Priest concert?



There’s also the problem of certain people promoting the “journalists are enemies of the state!” narrative lately. Maybe the combo was just too much.


I CAN BE! I mean if I’m holding that camera and you attack my reporter…I am beating you into the ICU with that thing. :wink:


Don’t worry, she is with a photographer and the photographer is a gentleman…
I know the anchor was just thinking on her feet and worried, but I just thought it was funny that whole bit was included.


Why is Gilbert Gottfried attacking that poor woman!?


Florida Man is visiting San Diego.


but i’m offended by her language! offended i say… i demand an apology, asap!
does no one think of the children anymore?


Yeah, it looks like maybe he was moving to jump in to her shot and she rushed him and somehow took the camera operator down too, hence the “oh shit”! I’ve actually seen reporters get violent with people interfering with their shot twice IRL. The most vicious was a very tall male reporter who assaulted a hippy or anarchist looking kid after he had signed off. I didn’t see what the kid did, but definitely saw the reporter attack and lightly rough him up while shouting something about “fucking with my shot”. This was in Central Park after a large protest march against the Republican convention of 2004.


This is more or less exactly my read. He was moving in to jump in front of the camera, which was on a tripod, and she dashed in front to try and block him because she thought he was going to knock it over. He keeps going for it, gets his face in front of the camera, and thereby knocks it over. I don’t see any reason to think it was any more than baseline drunken shenanigans. If there’s any consideration that she is a woman it’s that the guy might have been slightly less likely to expect to get his ass kicked than if she were a burly male.


The Aristocrats!”.


Her language was positively presidential.


I was wondering if this was the local ABC station in King’s Landing or something. She’s bringing you the tri-county area’s top stories with full wizard-sleeve realness.


It’s a sick sad world when even network talking heads aren’t safe.