Republican candidate Greg Gianforte attacks reporter during interview (Updated: he's been charged with assault)


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I remember when it was considered ungentlemanly to body-slam a reporter who was wearing glasses.


I would have thought dangerous. IIRC he doesn’t lose his body density or powers just because he’s not wearing the cape.




There’s an extra wrinkle in this, from the Guardian:

“On 28 April, Jacobs reported on Gianforte’s financial ties to Russian companies that have been sanctioned by the US.”

Gianforte may not have recognized the reporter, but he at the very least held a grudge against the Guardian.
Rethuglicans gonna thug, I guess.


I’m fully expecting reports of a caning on the floor of the senate any day now.


I don’t know, is it possible that the reporter really did start it? The scenario doesn’t sound too far fe-

It’s unfortunate that this aggressive behavior from a liberal journalist created this scene…

Aaaand, credibility gone. Take out the word “liberal” and I might have believed it, but now this smacks of the same dishonest “blame liberals for LITERALLY EVERYTHING no matter what” taint as everything else involving the Republican party.


See, it’s important to keep a situational awareness at all times when dealing with wild animals.


Damn it, Montana.


Rookie move. You always let your goons rough the reporter up.



It’s really odd that he refers to Jacobs as “a liberal journalist” when the supposed political persuasion of those involved is irrelevant. This press release wasn’t meant for the general public. It was meant for the conservative trolls looking to use it as a supposed example of liberal hypocrisy.



In a state famous for it white supremacy problem? /s


Just this past Sunday, On The Media was talking about this election. They made the state sound broad-minded and untouched by the type of politics effecting the rest of the country. Then this happens.


When will the community stand up and do something to stop white-on-white violence?


They’re violent.


Doesn’t matter what you think. Adding in that word just completely justified it to all the people who would potentially vote for that thug.

“Oh, he was a liberal? Good for him. All of those people need to be body slammed!”


It’s been close to three decades since I last voted in a Montana election.

Back-in-the-day, the Montana I knew was purple. Sure the east side was republican, but the rest of the “populated areas” were mix, leaning Democrat though.

I blame all that PAC money from out of state. Every state has only two senators and those Low population states are a comparative bargain.

There are other reasons of course, but that hasn’t helped.