Child interrupts remote expert interview on BBC News


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Considering how panicked the woman is (wife or nanny, I don’t know) and that look of bottled rage, I’m a little concerned for what might have happened later after the camera stopped rolling.


This happened to me during a Skype interview with a hiring panel once.


I thought that was pretty funny. He blew the opportunity to look like a nice person and roll with it but I get that he was totally caught off guard.


it comes with the accent :wink:


He just looked understandably frustrated and trying to refocus his concentration to me.

Anyway, I need his number. I still haven’t figured out how to program that damn universal remote.


He could have simply picked up the child(ren) and taken them out of the room, if only he had been wearing pants.


When the second child came in, in the roller… :joy:

But, had he lifted the kid into his lap and kept going, it would have been a moment.


And if he’s asked his child’s opinion, and learned that there would be farts and toots everywhere


Anyone seen A Christmas Story? The part where Ralphie’s mom calls his classmate because she thinks he was taught a cuss word? And you hear the mother’s reaction over the phone and the ensuing carnage from the beatings?

Yeah, that just happened.


The baby says we should invest in lolipop and unicorn futures. Buy Buy Buy!


That’s happened to me before, but usually I just pick my son up, point to the camera and say “say hi to daddy’s friend,” tell whomever I’m on a call with to give me a second, then tell my son to go back to the living room, or walk him out. My work life looks substantially less stressful than this guy’s, but I would still never just push my son in the chest to get him away. Also, if he’s that concerned about being interrupted, maybe he should get a door that locks.

It does make me think of this guy as more human to realize he’s probably not wearing pants. But he’s still a jerk.


Says the guy with a unicorn profile picture. I’m on to you.


Don’t mess with Big Cryptid. They pay a lot better than Soros.


He’s British. If he let his veneer crack on TV I think they exile you or something.


There’s so much to dissect in this video about parenting styles and gender roles. That shove in the chest. The subservience of the woman crawling in low trying to stay out of view. The way she bobs continually to apologize. Is she his wife? His childminder? The body language says she’s certainly not his equal, and expects to be reprimanded for this. The incident would be funny if it didn’t reveal how unpleasant a person this man is.


Funniest thing I’ve watched in a long while.


The kid in the roller seems like he/she could beat a land-speed record.


I imagine the little kids inner dialogue: “No one. NO ONE goes in Dad’s office when he’s on the air, because that’s where Dad makes money for us… Wait… what the hell is my sister doing? Is she getting some money too? No way, I WANT IN!”


i think people are reading WAY too much into this. he’s clearly trying not to laugh at the absurdity, so it’s not like he’s mad or anything. i think he’s definitely embarrassed, since he was on live TV at the time. the woman diving in getting the kids is doing what anyone would do when their spouse is in the other room on a live call and then suddenly realizes the kids have romped in… it’s that “OH SHIT NO!” moment of panic. hilarious that it was all caught on video!