BBC reporter grabs woman's boob on live TV


He thought she was a reporter from ITV and was checking to see if she was carrying a hidden microphone AND pushing her back at the same time.

Efficient and the height of journalistic professionalism, if you ask me.


Could be that he was committed already to the motion, and didn’t want to make more commotion on the camera?

Just speculating as well.


John Cleese is the twiddler:


Yeah, totally. And I can’t Imagine inserting myself into a television interview, or keeping my hand on someone’s body like that. Icky all around as someone said above.


“I was just adjusting your breasts. They fell all out of whack when you fainted.”


On the other hand, they do make handy grab handles…


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To be fair in this guys last job review they did say he didn’t have enough feelings in his reports.


No, it was unfortunate but certainly not deliberate. He is shooing her away. His attention is not on her, even if he may appear to be looking at her. He is in the middle of a broadcast and some person of unknown disposition is making a play to interrupt him. I like how, after he is struck, he completely ignores it and continues with the interview.


… to reduce the amount of background in the frame so as to reduce the chances of getting the woman or some other interruption back in the frame if more silliness follows. It’s what professional camerapersons do in such circumstances. And in such an interview it was probbaly what s/he would have done anyway. Nothing to do with embarrassment


This strikes me as the interviewer trying to be professional. He realizes what he’s done but he doesn’t want to draw any attention to it, he just wants to finish the interview within the allotted time.


The interviewer, Ben Brown, has said it was unintentional, and it probably was, but that doesn’t mean his career isn’t now in the toilet.

Incidentally, the guy he’s interviewing is one of my very favorite media analysts, BBC political editor Norman Smith, who once accidentally-on-purpose on air called Nigel Farage a c**t.


So why do they continue to do these sort of interviews on the street? It isn’t like this was a “man on the street” reaction piece.

As for the event - eh - wow that was weird. Other than the location, it looked like a benign “get out of the live shot” action. Had he rehearsed this in the past, just waiting for the opportunity to use it? It doesn’t look like actually squeezing, just placing and pushing out of the way. Was he half distracted enough to not realize he wasn’t on her arm or shoulder, or was he intentionally not on her arm or shoulder? Looking at and realizing what you are doing can be two different things, for anyone else who has failed at seemingly simple hand eye coordination tasks.

Has he apologized? Seems like the British thing to do.


I was thinking that too, she wasn’t ticked enough, but she was probably more shocked and couldn’t focus on how she should have knocked him out, so all that came out was a slap on the shoulder


I think he was probably aiming for the shoulder without taking his attention off his interviewee, but had to punt when he realized just what was in his hand. It was live, which means he’s stressed trying to control the situation. He couldn’t just tell her to piss off and do another take.


Did he know where he was pushing?


Whether he was aiming for the boob or not, he assaulted another pedestrian.


This is the PG13 version of “grab them by the…”


Depending on context, it could mean that they are friends.


If he was paying attention? Probably. But I’m not sure that he was. I suspect he was trying to maintain his focus on his interview so was only paying scant attention to the interloper. I’m not ready to say he’s 100% innocent, but I don’t think we have enough evidence to prove him guilty, either.


Nah, fuck that guy.
With a small f, but still, fuck that guy.