Oops! BBC worker watches R-rated scene on screen in back of live newscast


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Pretty tame by todays standards.


“According to the Sun”. The comic that made its name with Page 3, black and white pictures of topless young women.
Murdoch hates the BBC and the British establishment with a passion, so the hypocrisy won’t even be considered.


At what point do we, as a culture, realize how ridiculous it is to pixel out tiny background boobs in a world where Pornhub is the webpage with the largest sociological sample pool?


We’ve arrived at that point some time ago.


In the spirit of Mis En Scene, the cinematic idea that everything in frame is there for a reason and placed there, how could this happen “Accidently”. I mean really, every person on that set must know that if they are at one of those BG desks that they are on camera. A news organization as sophisticated as BBC must certainly be aware and carefully consider every thing in frame.


This wouldn’t have been a problem in SD.


Im just waiting for some sharp eyed perv to identify the movie…


I hate open offices like that. I’d hate even more having my office in the background at a news station.


Obviously the guy was doing research for a BBC documentary.


I can already imagine David Attenborough’s voice: “The female is receptive to the male’s advances, and responds by shedding her clothing in preparation for mating.”


This is reminiscent of the view from my bedroom window. My neighbor has their big screen TV pointed towards it, and a nightly penchant for watching porn.


Yes, hilarious TheSun is acting aghast over breasts being exposed considering Page3.



Earth will never be contacted by any aliens as long as there are still TV or radio programmes even mentioning cricket. Seriously, this is in very bad taste and should be stopped.


In the UK, yeah. Here in the States there would be howls of outrage, million dollar fines levied by the FCC, and worried reminders that boobies, being the Devil’s funbags, are extremely dangerous to children.


Double plus LOL




Boobs do NOT exist. (rocks back and forth holding blanket) You hear me? They do not exist. They don’t. Just made up to scare me. No such thing as boobies.


Happened on Australian TV some years back. Guy in the background opened an email from a co-worker who pranked him with an NSFW image.


Most of mainland Europe must be watching that clip thinking “wow, our kids’ shows are raunchier than this”