Images of breastfeeding, operative scars now permitted on Instagram


Mmmm, yummy hiney!

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That guys face is far more disgusting than the butt. .matter of perspective I guess.

Oh Rob so sensitive.

Perhaps they’re worried about bats in the belfie?

So no naughty titties, only wholesome ones. Well at least they acknowledge there are wholesome ones. Those are the ones that belong to mommies, not sluts. Do I understand this right?


But the butt is so 'shopped and almost cartoon-like as to be kind of bland and not at all titillating. Heh. Keeping the unintended pun. That guy would be perfectly attractive, I’m sure, if he wasn’t so 'shopped, he took off those stupid fake-nerd glasses, and mussed up his hair a bit. The furry chest and beard is a plus.

Anyway really the picture is super odd and forced, though, and I’m sure it’s a stock photo.

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Yeah on second look you’re right. Maybe it’s even a blow-up butt for all I can tell but the guy’s dumb look and dumb glasses just seem anti-titillating…or something

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I feel like the butt was made to look smaller and that’s just a travesty.


in the 1970’s UK, Peter Pervis’s bare butt was required children’s TV

Progress is seldom encouraged to take giant steps by ridiculing the baby steps.

It is blood which moves the wheels of history!

True, but do we really need bloodshed to get boobies on the internet?

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Your earlier comment put me into a Mussolini mood, hence the quote. Alright, actually, Dwight Shroot put me in the mood for that quote, couldn’t help myself.

I know that look on Mr 4eye’s fAce!
He’s having 2nd thoughts…

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