Oops! BBC worker watches R-rated scene on screen in back of live newscast

“You can’t get away with this sort of stuff anymore.”

Yeah, its not like the 1970’s BBC anymore, eh, Jimmy Savile?

Internet filters

Bwwwaaa hahahahahhh haah ha ha hahahahahahahaha!

Snicker, snicker…


Yeah, good luck with that, Sparky.

If I were a student of sociology or psychology, I would consider writing my thesis on the rise and fall of different genres of porn on Pornhub over time, and try to extrapolate the greater meaning behind it. There’s a wealth of data just waiting to be mined.


But I thought the UK was making efforts to block all internet porn. No?

requiring months and years of study.

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Actually, I’m sure they already do that. I’ve noticed a distinct uptick in the number of incest and cuckold videos in the popular videos in the US, seeming to coincide with Trump getting elected. (Of course, I only visit for educational and scientific purposes.)

It seems like a fascinating way to tap into the collective id.

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