New York sues Juul

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The Bodega [San Diego] frequent still has vape on their shelves, I have seen kids buy vape there countless time, it’s disgusting.


Does this mean cigarette companies are going to get sued again? I mean they didn’t ban those so Wondering how this is going to play out

I don’t get smoking.
But I really, really don’t get vaping.

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I guess the videos of all the fancy smoke-blowing tricks might have something to do with it?

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Good. This scumbag company can’t be put out of business nearly soon enough.

Well, it has been great for me - a decades-long pipe smoker. I now can get the active pharmacological ingredient I crave and appreciate - nicotine - without the tars and other baggage that compromise health way more than vaping.

Three weeks after switching to vaping, my lungs felt immeasurably better and I stopped having a chronic cough. That is progress. And, if I want to, it would be easy to purchase less potent mixtures for weaning off nicotine altogether - as many people have done.

Is not smoking better than vaping? Absolutely. But vaping is better than using tobacco.

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Who will save their souls?


I wouldn’t be so sure of that. It took decades for the health effects of smoking to become apparent. There have already been a number of deaths directly attributed to vaping, and that’s after vaping has been on the market for less than a decade.

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