New York weekly newspaper's cover is a voter registration form

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Have you seen this?

“What? You’re not registered to vote?”
“Scan me!”

Prices range from $44.99 (£34.95) for hoodies and $29.99 (£23.29) for long-sleeved shirts to $24.99 (£19.41) for the short-sleeved tees.

All are available to purchase in either black or white from March For Our Lives’ website, alongside other merchandise that includes a “Gun Free Zone” cap, and totes and bandanas.


Hmm. I like the idea, but I wonder if hats with the word “VOTE” and a QR code might not be more affordable?

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Ithaca is a college town. I hope there’s an article inside discussing that whole can of disenfranchising GOP townie worms.


Off-topic but related and worth noting, Parkland students aren’t the only ones who are getting old enough to help end the reign of politicians in thrall to the NRA:

In all sorts of ways, young Americans are trying to save their future before their parents and grandparents squander it completely. Back to the thread.


Think of it as a donation to a good cause.

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True enough. I was thinking along the lines of just getting the message out there to motivate new voters, versus raising money for a specific cause.

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I page through the relevant issue and see articles about solar power, the downtown parking garage, the park by the Cayuga Lake, the student rental market, a local labor union, a guide to Ithaca for the new students at Cornell University and Ithaca College, new plays performing locally and their actors, …, nope, no politics this issue. The Ithaca Times frequently talks about New York’s 23rd Congressional District and Democratic candidate Tracy Mitrano running against incumbent Republican Tom Reed, but it did not mention them this week.

I talked with a new Cornell student from South Carolina yesterday, but I did not ask him whether he would vote by absentee ballot in his home state or in New York. Ithaca, NY, is solidly Democratic, and sometimes the home state needs the liberal votes more.


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