New York's rat population has genetically diverged into "uptown" and "downtown" subspecies


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Not surprising. The rats living in or near the Unseen University in Ankh-Morpork have diverged from normal rat populations due to the strength of the magical fields generated in the vicinity, so we’ve seen this kind of thing before.


And that’s not even counting the “Sensei” breed of the Upper East Side.


This is a really excellent book about the ecosystem of rats in NYC and other big cities.


And another anthropomorphic rat movie will be along shortly.


Brilliant cover design. (I love map art)


Edit: There should really be a DC edition.


But where do the rats of wall street fit in this scheme?


Time to update that Billie Joel song.


Is this about actual rats? or we talking something else?


Wonder how divergent the Brooklyn rats are?


As a data point, the mice in Times Square are now cohabitating with crickets, cats, and dogs.


My first thought…

Uptown rat,
She will steal your food and kill your cat
I bet she’s never met the downtown type
Either way you should fear for your life…


Isn’t this the plot to The Warriors?


Don’t forget about Boomtown Rats.


I’m gonna try for an uptown mouse
She’s been living in her white bread house
As long as anyone with a hot blood cat
And now she’s looking for a downtown rat
That’s where I’m at


Isn’t that just duck… ratty!


I don’t see as many rats in the trackbeds as I used to 10 years ago. And the ones I do see are younger.

Just my zoological observation.


Damn snooty uptown rats think they are better than everyone else


Midtown rats feel dissed.


Makes sense to me! I always noticed the downtown rats around NYU were very artsy-hipsterish, while the uptown rats near Columbia were of the nerdy-scholastic sort.