New Zealand campers wake up to find money placed behind windshield wipers


In Search Of D.B. Cooper.

Now I am going to listen to this little gem while I do the dishes.


Sure beats the time I returned to my car, only to find “IOU one pic-a-nic basket” clawed into the hood.

Don’t know much about NZ law, but if the cash isn’t legitimately claimed, odds are the money will be returned to the people that handed it in after a few months.


In the states there is a saying that goes something like… “Finders Weepers, Police Keepers” i think the legal term is civil forfeiture. Hopefully NZ does better than the states.


You are correct. I believe the term is something like three months. The names of all the recipients were taken in order to distribute the money to them if not claimed in that time.


Possibly some wealthy NZ-er going around pre-Christmas distributing some cheer?

Here in the states, there are usually stories of some mystery person handing out $100 bills or stuffing a salvation army donation bin around this time of year.



Civil forfeiture involves police seizing property that’s suspected of being the proceeds from a crime. If you haven’t seen the John Oliver segment about police abuse of it, it’s a good way to raise your blood pressure for a while.

Finders do generally have claims to property they’ve found in the States

In Australia I’ve handed in a laptop I found to the police and got a call a year or so later asking if a wanted to come in and pick it up since it hadn’t been claimed. Unfortunately I’d moved states in the interim.


new zealand campers are given money, and turn it in.

new jersey motorists see brinks accident throwing money around and crash their cars in order to steal it.



“New Zealand - Australia’s Canada”


Or because he had been hosting mega sized uploads of largely illegal content?


Those bank notes must have been in the air for a hell of a long time.


Or because he’s a neo-reactionary libertarian techbear preparing for post-apocalyptic feudalism?

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He actually chucked the book the long way across a conference table, hit the kid in the face with it (kid was fine), looked around with a crazed look, yelled “Dammit!” as he hurled a piece of chuck onto the table, and stormed out. After he left, there was much fascination about the fact that we couldn’t find a single shard of chalk; he had apparently made it disintegrate!

True, true, I mostly just wanted an excuse to tell that story :grin:

edit: hurled, not hurtled


I had a teacher in HS that seemed to have some issues but I never figured out exactly what they might be.

One day she was talking at the front of the class. She kept rolling up her pant leg cuffs up. But the pants material was some slinky synthetic material that was too slippery to stay rolled up. She went through this ritual of putting her foot on one of the front row desks. Roll up the cuff. Do the other leg. Take two steps. Repeat. Suddenly out of the blue she yelled and mule kicked her trash can and stormed out of the room muttering. We sat there in silence not sure what to do. Not too long later a teacher or VP arrived. Told us to do quiet reading or homework. The outburst was never addressed.


That’s the great thing about convegent evolution. In the tropics there are primates to steal your sunglasses, wallets and passports. Seperated from large mammals for so long meant birds in NZ had to fill the pickpocket niche.


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