Driver ticketed for giving money to cop disguised as panhandler


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“Here I am getting in trouble because I took my seatbelt off for two seconds to pull change out of my pocket and reach out and give it to a guy,” he said.

“I feel like it’s entrapment.”

He’s not the only one


The ticket was for not wearing a seatbelt, then? Not for giving money to someone.


It’s mildly comforting to know that the US doesn’t have a total monopoly on shitty policing.


This is a new low for the cops. Rather surprised that such “revenue-generating innovation” is percolating down from the Great White North. The entrepreneurial fuzz here in the US are sure to catch on soon. Good samaritans beware!


While I am encouraged that Canada is trying to meet the standards of US cops, I really think since no one was tased or beaten, that they still have a lot of catching up to do.

Come on Canada, I believe in you, eh!


Without his seatbelt he could have been seriously injured if he hit all the nothing surrounding him.


The ticket’s $175 and the three dollars I gave to him – I’m out $178
You’d think the cop would at least give him his three bucks back.


“That’s why Regina rhymes with fun.”


From the same province that had to send out a press release to counter a parody radio show’s story on their new ‘casual Friday’ dress code:


I bet he won’t even declare it on his income tax.


then money was gotten under false pretenses, he should sue.


It’s so good to see justice being served. /s


It’s illegal to unbuckle your seatbelt in an immobile car?


That’s a lot of punishment for just two seconds of action. (runs and hides)


It’s illegal to unbuckle your seatbelt in an immobile car?

Parked, no, it isn’t illegal. Stopped, yes, it is illegal. I think. Don’t quote me on that. And you can’t park your car at an intersection, unless I suppose you just had a major collision such that you are obligated to not move your vehicle and call the police. I think. It’s all hearsay.



Don’t worry, we can hold our own on the tased and beaten front, too. Just google Robert Dziekański, for starters.


It’s part of a project that has police watching for traffic violations at intersections

No, it’s part of a project that has police causing traffic violations at intersections. If the behavior is really that dangerous, the police probably shouldn’t be inducing it, FFS.


That was my first thought. The cop’s presence encouraged illegal and dangerous behavior. Which is what happens when “protect and serve” is replaced with $ quotas.

I’ve seen the same thing with speed traps on my commute on a freeway. Traffic is moving fast but is moving safely as one. And then some drivers see the cop and hit the brakes and others don’t and so a multi-car car collision happens right in front of the cop.


I hope they fight it with a jury trial, though it’s a lose-lose prospect already when the cost of doing that is taken into account. Next-best outcome is to shame the involved agency for its behavior, and I can see this baby has already gone international.