Toronto Mayor Rob Ford ticketed, allegedly for public intoxication, in Vancouver


DO you know who I am? Do you KNOW who I AM? I’ll have your badge!

I suppose mayors have lost a lot of the power that they used to have. A shame, really.

Well, at least all you Torontonians can take comfort in the fact that you’re providing the rest of us with a constant laugh riot.

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He was not ticketed for public drunkenness, but only for jaywalking.


which, done sober, is a human right.

Mayors tend to have a bit less power when in a city on the other side of the country. If it had been Toronto, I’d expect that he would have jaycrawled in a tutu while singing reggae.


and by diet Coke I mean Crack.


Heck, he could probably smoke crack and stay in office in Toronto!

also, I expect that video exists, don’t you?

I’m getting quite tired of these Rob Ford stories. Unless he kills someone at this point, let’s put a news filter on our Canadian friend.


Cory, mi amor, you misspelled “laughable bumblefuck.”


Aren’t we at the point where we can drop the word “Allegedly” from any headline concerning Rob Ford?


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There is a part of me that still feels sorry for him and a part that knows he’s an ass, but an ass in trouble with serious problems. I guess I would be more fired up if I lived in Toronto.

No, not Cory. I love hearing from him.

Actually, this happened out in the 'burbs, not “Vancouver,” exactly. Note that the linked story refers to the police involved as RCMP, not VPD.

In some conservative circles, this just makes him a hero.

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Thanks for that visual…Hope you’re proud of the nightmares you’ve generated. OMG

It isn’t a human right as long as there are other viable options. The way the law is written should still be changed. Crossing the road when it doesn’t pose a danger should be allowed and the penalty for jaywalking should be proportional to the danger. Crossing the road in a well lit place where you are easily seen and where no cars are coming should be fine. Crossing in the dark in a high traffic road (at the time) with a high speed limit should be an infraction.

it’s amazing how far cops in the suburbs go out of their way to ticket jaywalkers, especially on completely empty roads, while downtown jaywalkers in droves cross the street through traffic right in front of cops.

It’s strange Cory isn’t more sensitive to this, given his belief that Toronto’s current borders are the result of an illegitimate amalgamation and that the Metro Toronto should properly be thought of as a city of about 2.2 million people, with Toronto proper having only around 730,000 people.