Toronto cops bust Mayor Rob Ford's fixer/muscle/driver/dealer


Man, I can feel my shriveled hatred core growing three sizes and warming slightly at just how adorably perfect they are for each other…

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It really seems strange that stodgy establishment Canada would ever tolerate a grossly inappropriate Mayor like him in their first city. But I suppose all these police investigations and mainstream news exposés are indications that the movers and shakers have finally had enough of him.

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I’m going to enjoy seeing that idiot-thug brought down. He’s like a less competent Kim Dotcom. I may not be fond of Kimble, but aside from the investor-grifting, FPS cheating, and other script kiddie-ness, he seems to be charismatic enough to make the cons work. Whatever forces put Ford into power probably just found him stupid enough to be malleable, and he appealed to nasty idiots in the populace. His charisma is more of a mystery.

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Neat fact: Lisi doesn’t work for the city, he works for Rob Ford directly, likely paid through Deco Labels, so his emails/voicemails/phone/texts are not searchable through freedom of information requests.

But if someone is arrested their phone/email/etc may be searchable through subpoena.

Anyone smell a fishing expedition?

If you ask most non-Torontonians, they’ll tell you that Toronto isn’t really a reflection of the rest of Canada.

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And if you ask a Torontonian, there really isn’t a Canada outside of Toronto. Rob Ford is a great man.

Might be the only fishery stocks in Canada that are actually thriving, rather than near collapse or just barely holding their own…

All the newfies I know claim the cod are doing just fine, better than they have in years and the moratorium is a conspiracy to keep the east down and that international fisheries are paying Ottawa to keep it in place.

Also, the fish they’re getting these days are giant and delicious. :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, polls show support for Ford is undiminished among the suburban constituencies that brought him into power in the first place.

This will hurt him, but the exorbitantly-expensive-chairs scandal that is still playing out practically seems designed to justify his presence in City Hall. I would guess he’ll be not much worse off at the end of October than he was at the end of September.

Unless that video actually surfaces, or Olivia Chow turns out to be an extraordinary campaigner, or some new scandal emerges, there’s a pretty good chance he gets re-elected. Let’s hope the aformentioned fishing expeditions bring in some fish.

Ontario municipal elections are still over a year away. Maybe they’re waiting until a time closer to then.

If you ask most Torontonians, they’ll tell you there’s no such thing as one single person who is a reflection of a “Torontonian” either.

Rob Ford was elected on a platform of being the “everyman”, a working class schlub who just wants to get shit done in city hall, trim the fat, stop the excess. That he wasn’t a “slick politician”. Well, his complete inability to keep from being involved in scandal after scandal certainly seems to show that he has absolutely no idea how politics works, any way. :slight_smile:

And Silk Road’s been shutdown. What’s a mayor in need of some 420 to do?

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Well, Olivia has proven to be an excellent campaigner; she’s my MP and was my councilor before that… and the polls favour her so I’m not going to give up hope.

Given that was Dubya. among others worldwide’s schtick, we ought to treat such folks with caution…

Absolutely. Unfortunately, it’s a shtick that WORKS with the uninformed masses. Ford might actually even HAVE some good policies (I dunno, I don’t follow Toronto politics much, living and working out in the suburbs can have that effect on one), but they are FAR overshadowed by all his other fuck ups.

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