New Zealand requires network operators to register with cops, give spies oversight of their network ops

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So, any time my network is compromised by hacking, cracking, DDOS’ing, or the time lag between submitting this BS and getting approval to patch known vulnerabilities, I can recover losses from the NZ gov’t?

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I imagine that in reality a lot of ISP’s will chose 2. as the answer to 1.

However, the GCSB will not run the security clearance process itself,
and warns that this “may take a significant length of time.”

Hey that whole outsourcing thing worked great here in America!

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I think the operators should respond by playing by the book 100%

"Yes Mr. Minister you shall have broadband to your new house asap.
As soon as our technician has been cleared I will request for permission for installing the cable.

"After that I will request for permission for procure your modem posthaste and when that’s cleared the request for permission to connect it to our network shall be sent instantly.

"Finally I will personally see that the request for permission to change our customer database by creating your account will be sent the very instant everything else have been approved.
You will have your internet connection in less than year!

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