Newly uploaded videos of The Beatles' "Paperback Writer" and "Rain"


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"It’s a dirty story of a dirty man"

Me likey!


Poor Ringo just gets to sit there


It blows my mind to think of all they did to music and in just a few years at that.


It’s a pity that guitar groups were on the way out.


That’s why they were called the Beatles (pronounced “Beat-less.”)


From I, Wabenzi by Rafi Zabor:

Hearing Mevlevi music for the first time was an experience of another order. The first piece on the UNESCO record was the Na’at, a setting of Jelaluddin Rumi’s hymn to the Prophet, performed unaccompanied by a blind singer named Kani Karaca who had one of the most extraordinary voices I’d ever heard; four or five times in the course of the Na’at Karaca soared through an elongated, ornamented melody identical to the setting of the word “Rain” in the Beatles’ song; which explained the slowdown in [fellow congregants/housemates] Jafar and Anton’s version and disclosed the origin of the chorus in the Beatles’ version.

I’m guessing that Zabor is referring to this recording, maybe (for example) at 1 min 42 sec?

Maybe, maybe not… but yet another piece of music I learned about via Mr. Zabor.


They could have at least given him a newspaper.


Fie on you sirrah! Ringo is an excellent drummer (Keith Moon thought so). He is not flashy, but he does have an uncanny ability find quickly find exactly what is needed for a particular song and does no more than that. His somewhat unique sound is due mainly to two things: 1) his kit is tuned very flat (yes, drums are tuned; consider timpani) and 2) he is playing a right-handed kit but, like Paul, he is left-handed.


(stick with it until the Ringo part.)


This is fantastic, as there has been far too little exposure of this very talented, yet virtually undiscovered band from the '60s.


Still my favorite version of Rain:


Thanks fot this!


As a non-musician, the played example doesn’t help me much. I understand what he means by “serving”, as it’s similar to painting, but I’m really not experiencing what the difference is as I watch this.


Is that because the wind is high?




I smell a Beach Boys fan, still smarting in sympathy after Strawberry Fields was released.


I mean not like most Beatles music videos were all that great to begin with, but they were *really* phoning it in with these two.


I love seeing George Harrison with the SG. Or was it a Les Paul Mk 2?


I’m not a “Ringo-hater”, in fact he’s my favorite Beatle, after John, Paul, George, Yoko, and Billy Preston.

Definitely better than George Martin though.