News anchor removed from air after quoting Snoop Dogg

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I would like to hear the remix.


i can think of other Snoop lyrics that would be worthy of being fired for, and it’s not like i’m hugely versed in his works, sheesh. Let her back on the air!


well I learned something new today. Of course I doubt I’d ever squeeze “for shizzle” into my daily speech.


I feel like she was fired more for showing awareness of snoop dogg than for deploying a potentially offensive word.


Seriously… wow… it’s not like someone said this live on the air:
Dere once wuz some lady on de news, A Mississippi ancho’ widout any clues, She dought it would be fun t’say, “Fo shizzle, mah’ nizzle” one day. Slap mah fro. Right On! But ha’ wo’ds wuz met wid disdain, And soon ha’ job wuz waaay down de drain, Removed fum ha’ mo’nin’ ancho’ cfro, She left wid nodin’ but despair. Ah be baaad… Barbie Bassett wuz ha’ dojigger, A meteo’ologist wid some fame, But now ha’ bio’s been erased, And ha’ job gotss’ta been replaced. Lesson learned, be careful whut ya’ say, Wo’ds kin mosey on waaay down back t’haunt ya’ one day, Dink befo’e ya’ speak on live TV, Or ya’ may end waaay down likes poo’ Barbie. What it is, Mama. Right On!

I’d bet money that they have been looking for a reason to fire an old long time employee and replaces them with someone younger and cheaper and then this happened.


Apparently, from reports on this story, she was also a Meteorologist, reporting on the weather.

So surely if she was going to be inspired by Snoop, she should have worked it into a weather report and said “fo’ drizzle”


This wasn’t Bassett’s first mistake on air. Reports say she had to make a formal apology just last year after referencing a Black grandmother as a ”grandmammy.”

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