TV anchor explains sweary exit


The shame is that one line, “Fuck it” means she will very likely never work as a journalist again.

I don’t have a problem with her quitting. I even admire it.

But there is a reason you shouldn’t burn bridges when you leave a place. Especially in such a public way that probably burned bridges in places you’d never been.

I am gobsmacked how many people believe she should be ‘ashamed’.

Seriously? Paternalism much?


Provided she’s a good journalist (I have no idea) I would imagine she’ll find work again if that’s what she wants to do.


Maybe the mainstream news stations and papers won’t hire her, but I suspect plenty of other outlets would be interested in what she has to say.


That line also made her internet famous and gave a great jumpstart to her new occupation: civil liberties activist.

She was pretty clear that she intended to dedicate her life to that work, and also that she was CEO of an existing weed business. In those areas she actually built bridges.

Sometimes the only way to stand out is to do something outrageous.

So, you listen to me. Listen to me: Television is not the truth!
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I saw these kind of comments on the previous thread about her quitting - not good to burn bridges, etc. I assume that she is wanting to make marijuana activism her full time work now and by having her video go viral she is drawing attention to herself as an activist.


To be fair, it’s also not a good idea to take a stand on any issue.


@jhutch2000 never said she should be ashamed, he said that she won’t work as a journalist again, which I reckon is true. Quitting her job in that dramatic way abused her relationship with her employer, and I expect every future broadcaster would be reluctant to put her on air again because of that.

Was it the right thing to do? Well there’s probably a lot of arguments on both sides, but personally I’m not offended by the word “fuck” on TV, and she certainly brought a lot of attention to herself and the issue, and that’s certainly a good thing.

As for this “TV anchor explains sweary exit” headline, I don’t think there’s much explanation there. She explains the issue, hits us with some good numbers and brings the issue home. But she doesn’t explain why she actually made such a dramatic and antagonistic exit - was the TV station somehow against legalization? Were they part of the fear-mongering? I’d like to know if that was the case. I think it’s more likely that the reason was to get a lot of attention (see above) and that seems to have worked.


I wanted to smoke some weed in the park this Saturday; it’s a shame it’s supposed to rain all weekend.


Thanks. That is exactly how I meant it … It’s too bad that her taking a stand is going to have long term consequences for her career. Maybe she doesn’t care. But then again, she might not care NOW and care very MUCH in a few years. Who knows?

It seems everyone is just criticizing her for being unprofessional, but what kind of a producer ambushes their talent like that? Quite clearly, she was not told what she’d see in the teleprompter that day, they thought it would be funny to put her on the spot in the middle of her work day.

But hey, if you’ve ever actually watched the local news in Alaska, it’s not exactly a top tier market. Sort of like what you expect from a hard hitting high school news show.


The shame is you have to sell your soul for money in a corporate environment. As is has been said, “Money is the root of all evil.”.


ok, i’ve substituted “It is too bad” and it is still dripping with paternalism.

As far as usage… she didnt say shame. Someone else did. She didn’t say ‘too bad’, youdid.

Your value judgements are irrelevant to her. That is what she said fuck it - TO.

I’m sorry, is this some example of when someone brings something up, but it’s the listener’s fault for hearing it?

Shame and bad have NO PLACE in this story. Out.

Your imagination =/= her reality


That offends me.

If they ambushed her with a story that was about her that would go quite some way to actually explaining her “sweary exit,” something that her statement completely fails to do (nor does it provide any real information beyond what she said while quitting). Seems like there might be some more back-story there, too.

If the listener decides to completely ignore what was actually said in favor of their own imagination of what was said, then yes, it IS the listener’s fault.

It’s a shame that there doesn’t seem to be a longer recording of the segment so that it were more clear exactly what she was reacting to. The available clips seem to simply be isolated to the meme-worthy part of it, which doesn’t make it all that clear. Unfortunately, even the video on this post doesn’t really help in that regard - she does a good job explaining her position, but it still doesn’t really explain what caused the reaction.

…or doing. That includes tv anchors.

or are you that much smarter than she is?

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