How to quit your job in style



How does a seemingly intelligent person like this not see that saying “fuck it” on live television plays right into the stereotypes the anti legalization crowd would like to maintain about cannabis users (medical, recreational or otherwise)?

Just quit your job like any other professional adult might and get on with your life.


Actually, this proves she’s intelligent and media-savvy enough to know how to make an issue go viral.
You don’t seem to appreciate that you’re not really watching her resignation, per se. This is her on her other job, working as an activist, and killing it.


I agree she shouldn’t have done that, but only because it was bad form, not because she ever had any chance of convincing that particular crowd that marijuana users aren’t degenerate hippies. She should instead focus on bringing the issue to a vote after she is sure her constituency will show up at the polls.

Anyone know if there’s a copy of the full show online? I really want to see the rest of the context here.


Yeah, I get the whole attention seeking thing. But at the cost of perpetuating stereotypes and alienating folks who are on the fence with this issue for the first time in generations?

Killing what? Mastery of the foul mouth? Getting attention at any cost is never a good strategy.

I’d like to suggest that there may be for the first time in generations MANY Americans who now think legalization is probably the right way to proceed on this matter. Behavior like this does not help to win hearts and minds with that crowd. I’m a middle aged, left of center grower and user and it turns ME off.


I consider it fun. If there are two mes for one you, the net result is positive.


Well, I will confess to enjoying the look on the anchor’s face - just for a half second.


When I was a high schooler I would have thought this was cool. As an adult, however, I think she should have used the camera time to point out some of the financial and medical benefits of legalized marijuana. Any politician in her state who is pursuing legalized marijuana probably isn’t too thrilled about having the “F*ck It Lady” on his/her side.


Some real fuddy-duddies here, jeez. That was hilarious and great, and that I am reading this on BoingBoing means she got her job done. Now everyone knows about Alaska’s legalization efforts.

I also marvel at how inept the other broadcaster was at handling this. The “We apologize for that,” was good, but then she just dropped into “I-am-a-robot-and-this-does-not-compute” mode and could not act like a human being for five seconds while they pieced things together.


As an adult, you should also realize that viewers don’t want to be lectured on the financial and/or medical benefits of marijuana. The media is a circus. This generates way more attention (both positive and negative, I’m sure). Personally, I kind of like it. It’s refreshing.


But you don’t need to be won over. She’s already got your vote. Both of you.

I was thinking, “Now there’s a thankless task.”

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C-C-C-C-Concern Troll C-C-C-C- COMBO BREAKER !!!


I agree, we need more outrage. She said a naughty word, for heaven’s sake! Also, as a highly professional, educated black woman, she plays right into the stereotype of the dirty fucking hippie. She did, after all, say a naughty word.

I am concerned.


I will propose marriage to this woman on sight.


Who even watches the news anymore?


What stereotype would that be, exactly? That pot smokers like to say “fuck”? It sounds like she was being forced to resign, based on her “not like I have any choice” comment. I feel like plenty of non-pot-smokers would fall into the category of people who, when forced to resign or are fired, say “fuck it” instead of sticking it out till the end of their shift. Having said that, I feel like there’s some context missing here.


Full disclosure, I don’t smoke and never have and I am pro legalization.

Having said that, in my experience, most people don’t oppose legalization because of reasons, they oppose it because they think its bad and then go out and find reasons to fill the hole in their logic.

If you debate them, they may agree with your logic but ultimately decide it as a moral issue for which no logic can (rightly) persuade them. Its only when the prevailing moral attitude of the day changes that they might allow themselves to be swayed. (What this says about anybody’s moral convictions, I would not like to discuss.)

Ultimately, It would seem that they don’t care about the population that would view them as dirty foul mouthed hippies, just the ones that would view them as dirty hippies (an altogether different demo, one or two generations apart from the first) and that’s exactly who they targeted here.