The Tweet heard round the world


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Reading through her tweets, I am really, really wondering how in the hell she of all people got a job as PR DIRECTOR. WHAT.



A random person from 4chan would do the job better. They’d probably start by, I don’t know, not saying amazingly racist things. I’d find this story darkly hilarious if her phone was lost at the airport and someone texted that. But it’s probably her. Her tweets are, to put it mildly, strange.


She must be related too Rod Ford.

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Can someone explain the joke to me?


Step 1 -

Step 2 - pick jaw up off floor

Step 3 - scroll back in her timeline to see her other “quips” about AIDS, #whitegirlproblems, and her healthy relationship with the bottle. But hurry, these might all be deleted soon.


Looking at Rob Beschizza’s tweet, I gotta say… I am a bit sickened.

And before you all jump on me, let’s be a little honest with ourselves. We all know that right now there are tens of millions of aids victims in Africa many of whom receive no treatment at all, and there is nothing we’re doing to help most of them. Or to help prevent future outbreaks. And sure there are some real reasons for that, as well as some bullshit ones. But at the end of the day, the US, you, and I do nothing to help those people. Nothing. But, you have some self righteous sense of self entitlement that gives you the right to publicly shame some random person, that you don’t even know, based on a 140 char tweet fired off before a plane flight. I find that to be deplorable.

Truth be told you all bring shame to your parents, who undoubtedly did teach you not to say bad things about other people. If you want to address the issue of Aids in Africa, you can. You haven’t. But you can. And it doesn’t require tearing someone else down whether they are a bigot or just someone being crucified for an out of context 140 character comment of no importance. In fact, tearing other people down doesn’t help anyone at all. It just makes you look petty. And it makes your parents look like they’ve failed you. It’s some straight up chicken little bullshit that you delight in because it feeds your ego. And that’s wrong.

So you know what. Rob, what the fuck are you thinking delighting in someone else’s mistakes? This woman is far from home, and probably facing the loss of her job, for expressing a stupid comment on twitter. A comment that frankly sums up very well the position of most of the United States on Aids in Africa. What does that say about you as a person? Your parents who raised you? What does it say about BoingBoing?

I don’t get how someone could delight in some other persons misfortune.


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Poor girl’s going to need some legal representation. What’s Charles Carreon doing these days?


But not sickened by the original tweet?

Your concern is noted.


So… Shaming someone for a shameful tweet is bad, but shaming someone for tweeting about said shameful tweet is OK?


Like making a joke about a disease epidemic with a racial twist?

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This is hilarious, mostly because it looks like this is one of the most anticipated flight landings in history (at least, if Twitter is your universe).


Her tweet about having to stop drinking and feeling like Gary Busey. Wow.

Kinda a sad life.

I’m not shocked by her tweets however. Its just mediocre tweets, sometimes offensive and insensitive.

Nothing like


A million people say stupid things on the internet every day. And sometimes there are consequences for those people. Do I agree with the tweet? I think it’s a fairly banal tweet from some person I don’t know who is of no real importance. So, I am largely indifferent to the tweet. I frankly don’t care.

However, I like BoingBoing. I like to read the stories here. I don’t want to read stories on here that consist of tearing other people down. That’s the sort of crap fox news does. I don’t enjoy that. It makes me feel ill ( quite literally ). So, I am pointing out that we can address issues such as Aids in Africa, or any other topic, without holding up effigies to be tossed onto a pyre. Without delighting in the negative consequences others must face for their own actions, or the actions of others.

So yes, I singled out Rob. Because he is the editor that posted this here. I want him to never do something like that again. I want boingboing to be better than that. So am I concerned with tossing Rob on a pyre? No. I am concerned with BoingBoing adopting an editorial position that cheapens it’s content. I could have removed Rob’s name from the post, but that would have been pointless and looked ridiculous. Rob’s a member of this community, and we should call each other out on our bullshit when it’s seemingly necessary. Not to hurt each other, but to get each other to grow and be better people. Maybe I didn’t work my post as well as I could have. I’ll endeavor to do that better in the future. But the point here is for us to elevate ourselves above the pettiness and focus on actual issues of merit. All of us. Myself included.


Annnd, the tweet heard round the world has been deleted.


Aaaaaaaaand the tweet has been deleted.


You know, I actually agree with you – adding to a gigantic, global witch-hunt pile-on for a stupid, insensitive tweet doesn’t do any good.

Except, in this case it actually may… Contrary to the point of your quoted text above, this broo-ha-ha has brought down the website of, the American Foundation for AIDS Research, because of the weight of donations there – in response to this tweet.

Sometimes, the internet can actually use its giant might for some good.

Is a few thousand, or tens of thousands, of dollars in additional donations to AIDS research worth the global shaming of a disgusting tweet?


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