Reporter fired after blogging about mail theft, naps and fearing the elderly


That last one is a federal offense. Most of the rest are cutesy things a lot of reporters probably do, with the rest just being stupid. At least she is honest, maybe.


Rating each element:

Who cares? 1,8
Journalism students take note: sex sells! 2
You are a shallow, ridiculous human being. 4,5,6,7
Potential cause for termination: 9,10

Seems fair.


I only take issue with the Gerontophobia and the mail tampering. I see #9 as a win-win, though. People love to talk if they feel they’re actually being listened to. She’s doing them a service.

The news station looks ridiculous, firing a reporter for her private, obviously satirical free speech. Maybe they did her a favor. She obviously knew how inane the whole “news” gig was in any case, as she demonstrates in this video:

Good luck, Shea! I hope someone who respects free speech hires you now.

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Definitely an old school reaction. They missed an opportunity to have a real personality on the air for the sake of the “serious” role that local news fill

Maybe she can deliver the list on Letterman.

Would defend her right to be humorous and a little twisted, but I found her super-hip-post-P.C-attitudey blog entries to be too clever by half, and got demoralized:

may it please the court:

[posted under a video of her news colleagues doing a Harlem Shake video]
“I love my WAAY31 family. Because this was just fun. And ridiculous. Go ahead and make your jokes. But lets be honest, it wouldn’t be done in your workplace because quite frankly management is too worried about the bottom line to be concerned with moral [sic].”

and her post before that where she describes cooking in 4" heels and that ANY MAN would love bacon wrapped macaroni meatloaf.

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Stay classy San Diego!

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I had to actually look this up… I love bacon, mac and cheese, and meatloaf is pretty good if done right… But this, even bacon can’t save it:


I surprise myself. That looks kinda good to me, even without the bacon.

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Whistleblower status doesn’t really work well when you only blow the whistle on yourself. doh!

I think it’s possible to respect free speech without respecting every goddamn thing people say.


There’s going to be lots of debate about this of the form “Everybody does it so who cares” vs. “Well she shouldn’t have bragged about it on social networking.” I think it’s more subtle than that, though. It’s true that many people do things related to their job that are a little morally “iffy.”

However, that doesn’t mean that they’re okay. There’s a kind of social microcurrency going on. Micro-reciprocity. Some people might call it “Karma” but that, too, is not quite right.

If you’re doing a good job, then you can do these kinds of things. Your managers or peers may or may not find out, but if they do, then it is usually balanced by the good work you do all the time. If the balance builds up with small negatives, and is not offset by positives, then most people who have worked a job pretty much know which direction that leads. Managers complain, and the employee improves, or not.

The problem is that with the popularity of blogging and social networking, the micro-reciprocity values haven’t gotten sorted out yet. So, when you blog about doing something iffy, it’s an unpredictable multiplier effect on your iffy action!

My advice is to either chill out on what topics or audiences you blog to, or embrace your trailblazer status!

Macaroni and cheese in the meatloaf, AND rice on the side! Can I get a potato to go with that as well?


“People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late. I like to eat ice cream and I really enjoy a nice pair of slacks.”

I’m actually with her on number 7.

Nothing is more out of place than witty remarks and a local TV news personality.

Quite right, although one is entitled to be afraid of whatever scares them it can limit the appropriateness of their job. Going through people’s mail is just a no-no.

“I want to know for whom.”