News, comedy and political bias

On a news network (however tempting it is to put that in quotes, they are still taken seriously by their audience)

On a comedy network

Why are you equating these two?


Because apparently it’s more useful to complain at us than it is to complain to some right wingers about it.

Where did a left leaning comedian make fun of a disability again while pretending to be an anchor on a news network? I’m looking for an example. But…


This is where I respectfully disagree. Jon Stewart (and I loved Jon Stewart) often used this fig leaf. We’re a comedy show, we can’t be held to any journalistic or cultural standards. We’re on Comedy Central for heaven’s sake!

But over and over cultural and journalism studies show that a large amount of the population does get their news from entertainment programs - The Daily Show was possibly the major starter of that on the center-left. Maybe Stewart and others didn’t ask for it, but the result is that they were/are the primary news sources for many people and straight-up major influencers in the cultural-information sphere. You can’t reap the rewards while abdicating all responsibility - that’s what folks on the left - what I personally - criticize capitalism for.

The blurring of news and entertainment has gone on several sides of the political graph, and I don’t think it’s either accurate or fair for liberals/leftists to to hide behind which television network happened to pay their salary.

(it’s one reason why I think John Oliver is a great evolution - they do hold themselves to rather deep journalistic standards on that show.)

I am one of those leftists. I tried sparking a deeper conversation than “yes Laura Ingraham is really awful,” which doesn’t really get anyone very far. It’s very true, it’s been very true, and will continue to be true that Laura Ingraham is awful. Is there anything we can do to fight that kind of poison without poisoning the culture ourselves?

I have written about this kind of thing…that every time the fascists take a step, people look at the left and start crying about whether we have been opposing them precisely the right way…so much that I am exhausted by it. I can find links to what I’ve said before if you like, but suffice to say I do not believe it is actually a deeper conversation at all, just a way to shift responsibility.


I am at the point of just telling people that I don’t care what the liberals and moderates think, I am a anarcho-socialist and we are not the same. We might have some agreement on what the problems are, but we have very different views on what the solution is.

I could say more, but it will just end up with arguments and people saying “not all liberals”. That is not how I want my day to go.


I just resent the unrelenting assumption that plenty of us wouldn’t be just perfectly happy if assholes like Bill Maher were less popular too and have been perfectly pleased to criticize such people and have done so repeatedly often being called “the destruction of the left” for doing so.

Does that get acknowledged in these limp “both sides” arguments though? Nah… nah… Damned if you do damned if you don’t.

Meanwhile the fascists do not care and we’re all supposed to shrink in our little meek boots because “tu quoque! TU QUOQUE!!!” every time like clockwork.

Not to mention that assholes like Bill Maher are considered “the left” because everything short of “actual fucking Nazi” seems to be considered “the left.”


No, frankly; it’s really not.


Also, he’s a person who was literally born a crime. Literally. His parents marriage was illegal and he was not supposed to exist as a mixed race kid. Vs. Ingram who was born into wealth and privilege and is nothing but a pretty face masking a ball of utter hate for anyone who isn’t like her.

That doesn’t even get at how Fox news props up the GQP, which despite being a minority party in pure numbers of supporters, pretty much has this country in a fucking stranglehold as they’ve gone full fascist. Fox news is part of why we are where we are today… While the Daily Show takes pot-shots at everyone across the political spectrum…

So yeah. Fuck that noise.

Comparing a teenage girl to a DOG… ahahahahahaha… high comedy there, let me tell you. /s

It WAS and REMAINS a comedy show. Talking about current events doesn’t make it less so.

Right? Tone policing…

Right on!

Ugh. He’s the WORST!


Making fun of politicians’ appearances is an American tradition. Here’s Jefferson, portrayed as an emaciated prairie dog, in the runup to the 1800 election. Shades of McConnell the turtle:

Very much so. Ingraham wasn’t “punching up” because she wasn’t simply making fun of the US president. She was making fun of people with stutters, which includes the US president, among many others. It’s not like this is complicated.


I used the term “funny” to mean “unusual” or “contradictory.” Apologies if that wasn’t wasn’t clear from the context, particularly since there was conversation about comedy shows.

Yes, I agree with that. Lots of liberal/left mockery of Drumpf’s weight, hair, looks, along with Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell, and on. Isn’t that along the same lines - I mean, if I was a generally nice older socialist that had a turtle head that looked like McConnell, it wouldn’t feel great to have my same looks mocked by my compatriots.

Definitely. So what I’m hearing you saying is that mockery of looks are in-bounds, but mockery of stutters are out of bounds.

I can understand that. I disagree and would rather see them both out of favor, but I understand your opinion.

All I’m saying is that mockery of politicians, even very crude mockery, is not new, is part and parcel of American politics. Anyone who has succeeded in American politics, including Biden and McConnell, has developed a thick skin for such things. A more genteel politics might be nice; however, tone policing is most often used to gatekeep against the downtrodden.

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This is your angle. Won’t someone please think of the socialists with turtle heads. :neutral_face:

Trump’s hair and orange skin are fair game because he has clearly done them to himself out of vanity, but making fun of his weight is a real concern. And if you look, I think you will find most people here have discouraged it when it comes up. Or for instance you can see in the thread this branched off from, someone called Ingraham ugly, and was immediately criticized for it.

So if that was your worry, that we’re all in serious danger of becoming no different from a Nazi making fun of the disabled, I think maybe you can release your pearls a little.


That’s great. Glad someone did. Calling that kind of thing out is exactly what I wish more of the people that I agree with politically would do. That those kind of insult would happen less.

Not less in comparison to the vile parts of the right-wing. Less because decent folks have values that say “going after looks and other characteristics isn’t good,” even if (maybe especially if?) it is the looks of my opponents.

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So, trump and his ilk, people with tons of political power who use that power to bash and attack less powerful people constantly, and, who incidentally, constantly mouth off insults about those less powerful then themselves, including all minorities, disabled, etc., those powerful people must be off-limits to having the occasional insult they themselves made thrown back in their face when they exhibit the same characteristic that they were insulting other people about? Is that how this is suppose to work? They can insult less powerful people all they want, but no one is allowed to point out they have the same issues that they smear others for having?


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