News of the Times- Scientists: Doomsday Asteroid to Collide with Earth; GOP: We Feel Like It Won't


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH Republicans are doomsday asteroid skeptics.


Genius, that should be printed and handed out all over Washington DC.


Pah, these pointy-headed science nerds have been squealing about “climate change” and a “greenhouse effect”; well now they say that this asteroid is going to cause a “global winter”! They can’t even get there story straight! And, what about her emails!


Hmm, the Senator in the penultimate panel goes on air before the cheque has cleared?

Yup, seems plausible. It’s always easier to bribe lobby someone to do what they were going to do anyway.




But but this whole “asteroid impact theory” is not falsifiable! Me science good.


There is genuine irony to the fact that when left leaning people say “But hey, this or that marginalizes and mis represents me. It does not feel good to be so devalued and treated as less then a person!” the right’s reply is “SNOWFLAKES!!!” But when the left says “Uh…SCIENCE STUFF!” the first right wing defense is of course “BUT I DON’T FEEL LIKE ITS REAL”


While the libruls cling to their hoaky “theories” and their talk of “scientific probabilities”; their opponents are supported by common sense and gut feeling.


“Oh, are you triggered, snowflakes? lololol”
–Twitter users with anime or American flag profile pix


Previously, in 2003:

And in 2009:


perhaps you misunderstand who is in control


“Asteroid causes librarls heads to explode!”


Pfft. MAD magazine was funnier. BECAUSE THEY GORED EVERYONE.


You’re free to make your own comic lampooning those silly liberals for siding with the overwhelming scientific consensus instead of “gut feelings.”


Reality would make more sense if Repubs were secret conglomerations of cockroaches trying to destroy humanity.

As is, they’re just simple primates with very short vision…


I think this comic owes a debt to astronomer Phil Plait:

…and his column in Slate a few years back.


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