News on dodgy ingredients in cheap UK chow - do me a favour!

Some data just came out in the UK showing that half the population shopped in discount food retailers in the last three months:

One of those cheap retailers, Aldi, keeps winning awards for the taste of its food, beating out very expensive competition in blind tests.

I want to see how the food marketing machine moves on this - I suspect we’ll see a lot of news reports along the lines of “MSG in Aldi ham” etc - do me a favour, and if you see one, even non-specific to any given retailer, post a link!

The essence is, the major retailers in the UK are not going to like this trend, so they’ll fight dirty. If I’m right, we’ll spot the linkage between the cartel lobbying groups and the media. Spurious articles will pop up by well known journalists - you get my drift.

Not that I’m cynical.


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I understand that newer, better research suggests that MSG is safe, so I figure we’ll start to see a lot more of it in processed foods, restaurants, etc.

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MSG - My Secret inGredient

Is it Love?

of sorts

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