UK report on ham and cheese pizza found they often contain neither


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Does anyone else feel sorry for the epileptic shark?


FINALLY people are investigating the serious issues.


“In an unbylined report, The Derby Telegraph exposes two-thirds of local pies as containing undisclosed substitutes.”

The article doesn’t mention pies. If you mean “pizza pie” then just no. That’s not a pizza or a pie, and you wouldn’t get one in the UK anyway…


I just want to know it what capacity turkey ham could be cheaper than ham ham (I assume that’s why it was subbed). If I ordered a, uh, Ham Pizza I wouldn’t be angry if it was either. But what the hell?


It’s better than another report on Trump’s latest shenanigans, innit?

More pizza! Less politics!


Leicestershire pizza is far superior.


Muslim or Jewish owners maybe? Several of the pizza places that deliver to me are Muslim owned* and only carry turkey ham.

*: At least I assume that they are Muslim owned; they also sell an array of middle eastern dishes.


Good point. I try and be mindful of these sorta things, but sometimes I forget (but I’m never, ever one of those, ‘you can take the bacon off’ peeps)


I live in Derby (not, as you would expect, covered by Derbyshire County Council) and we have some damn fine pizza. I’m vegetarian so don’t care about meat substitutes but I rate my pizza mainly on taste and if cheese substitute ends up tasting nicer without me realizing that’s what it is, fair enough.

Mama Jane’s is the best, by the way.


It’s important that we keep consumers safe from any misleading or false information when it comes to what’s in their food.

That’s the government’s job? Here in the US we just rely on the invisible hand of the free market. What’s the worst that could happen?


Dr Pepper?

(Actually, I really like Dr Pepper. Just had to make the joke)


So you’re in the “pizza is a hot open-faced sandwich” camp, not the “pizza is a savoury pie” camp?



So what’s an observant Jew doing selling cheese-and-turkey-ham, anyway? Or is it cheese-substitute-and-turkey-ham?

That’s kosher, I guess.

If it’s not cooked in the same oven as the cheese pies.


Still better than Lancashire, where it’s apparently 85%.

Analogue pizza cheese’, presumably. Or is that an obscure Eurodisco subgenre?


I dread imagining digital pizza cheese!


Not at all. I’m in the camp that believes pizza is bruscheta for kleptomaniac arsonists.


Good point. Then they are definitely Muslim.


I have a friend who moved to Leicestershire from NYC. He refuses to eat the pizza.


That makes no sense - if you care about what you put in your body, you should care whether it’s real cheese or not, I would think.