News reporter mugged on camera


That didn’t look like a mugging, that looked like weirdly furtive aggressive panhandling. A lot of “muggings” do happen that way, but they need a different name. This was just throwing money at scary people to make them go away.

Oh come on, there’s no way to tell at all what happened based on this video.

They made it look like at least part of this actually aired and then they just went on to the next segment without any comment??!

It’s hard to say - at one point it looked like they were trying to take the reporter’s watch. You can’t really tell what happened here since most of it happens off camera. Just a lot of aggressive “gimme gimme gimme GIVE ME”.

It looked like a mugging by people who are so used to mugging people that they hardly even need to announce it. I think it would have quickly turned into the Hollywood version of a mugging that I think you expect if he’d have resisted.

Scary stuff.


Have you been mugged? I was mugged in a passive aggressive way. This rough looking guy came up me (he looked dirty and rough and like he didn’t give a fuck) and said give me some money or i’ll have to get violent. I ended up giving him my bus pass just to ‘keep him happy’. It didn’t feel like a mugging until I had to buy another bus pass.

It’s not always violent or guns or knives.

Overt threats are not passive-aggressive, they’re just plain aggressive. A passive-aggressive mugging happens more like: Guy sidles up to you walking down the street, starts off like a gregarious panhandler, maybe asks for a cigarette, then the conversation gets uncomfortable. “Hey, that’s a nice ring, is that silver? Sterling silver? Man, that’s the good stuff! You mind if I take a look at that?” Conversation gets distinctly less friendly. “Come on, I’ll give it back, you don’t trust me, what are you, a racist?” Etcetera. If you just gave him the ring as soon as he asked for it, he’d make some excuse about how he’ll be right back, then disappear. That was a robbery, but not a mugging until it gets real ugly.

Splitting hairs? Maybe, but I’ve had guys try that and I’ve had guys come hard, and they were very different experiences, enough IMO to warrant the semantic nuance.

Agreed, thus “didn’t look like” instead of “wasn’t.”

Fair enough.

No, both examples you gave are examples of muggings. Slightly different types of muggings, but still very definitely muggings.

How dare you unilaterally define my experience? How dare you, sir or madam?!

ETA: More seriously, the usefulness of the distinction is this: There’s no bright line between voluntarily giving money to a deferential panhandler and giving it to a pushy one. There is a line at threat of force, which is when the donation stops being strictly voluntary.

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