Newspaper runs gun show ad on front page below Parkland massacre story

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Here we are, in the thread where ammosexuals and freeze peach absolutists will meet to express their mutual “concern” about the state of things.


ETA - NVM - I skimmed too quickly - I saw the article on the court appearance, not the one below. I see the point.

You really need to stop it, seriously.

And that’s all I have to say to you about this.


These are completely related, but if i don’t have the energy to explain this to you. Doubt it’d make a difference judging by the tone of your post.


What kills me is the size of that ad. Almost as if making a statement.

Where else does a gun show make the front page?


The difference is that cars are not designed to kill people, guns are. (Or are you just trolling?)


$1 dollar off admission?

Such a deal.


Re: Ads…

If it fits, it sits?


That is a difference but not ine relevant to the argument. what something was initially designed for is only relevant to what someone chose to use it for as a matter of art. Di you think the designers intent of the tool is relevant to the millions of victims of vehicular homicide?

Yes, and that is why cars are a lot safer now but guns aren’t.


“It’s a mess. It’s horrible,” says Julie Anderson, the Sun Sentinel’s editor in chief. “We’re taking every step possible to make sure our editorial staff always see ads before publication so something like this doesn’t slip through.”

By definitions, Freudian Slips can’t be controlled.

It has been against our policy to run gun and other types of controversial advertising on our front page.



So when someone chooses to use a gun for what it was initially designed for, that’s merely a tragic coincidence?

Millions? I assume you are using “homicide” in its broadest sense, as in any killing of a human being, not just murder. But then it would include deaths due to accident or suicide, and the NRA tells us those don’t count.


Automotive Engineer: “I’ve invented a fully functional car that can’t kill people!”
Auto Companies: “Yes! We’ll make billions!”
Consumers: “Genius! Take our money!”
Government: “We will mandate that all cars are built this way from now on!”
World: “Hooray!”

Gunsmith: “I’ve invented a fully functional gun that can’t kill people!”
Everyone: “What the hell does that even mean?


Actually, they have made many engineering changes to make guns safer to handle. Unless something is mechanically broken, they don’t just “go off”. They don’t go off from most falls. They have things like loaded chamber indicators and magazine disconnects that won’t allow it to fire with out a magazine. Some have internal trigger locks. So, yes, there are safer designs.

But anyway.

OK - I can’t believe I haven’t asked this question before, but now it is clear I need to know this to understand the other side:

What is your best guess, your gut feeling, for the percentage of people going to a gun show or gun store where the MAIN purpose of said purchase is to:

  1. Buy a gun with the intent of using it to a homicide.

  2. Buy a gun with the HOPE of using it to kill someone in defense.

It is called “targeted advertising”, marketing is all about getting the most bang per pop, so you have to limit your scope if you are going to run a high caliber campaign and convert at a decent clip. I prefer a full magazine spread.

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The point is that comparing the lethality of cars to the lethality of guns is nonsensical because every gun that is used to cause grievous injury to another person is doing exactly the thing it was designed to do.


That isn’t what I asked. I understand the oft repeated stance that there is only one possible purpose guns were created for.

So if 100% of the guns (or perhaps a smaller percentage) are made with the express design to shoot PEOPLE, what percentage of people does one think are buying them for their one, true purpose?

Irrelevant. If you could buy hand grenades at the corner drugstore I bet more people would buy them with the intent of blowing up inanimate objects for fun than actually using them to kill people, but it would still be a pretty bad idea to let most people buy hand grenades.