Next time a government hacks your Facebook account, Facebook will let you know

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Except for the obvious… - Oh, they meant other governments…


Now will they do this anyway if they get a National Security Letter? That’s the real acid test.


For me, as a EU citizen, US agencies are state-sponsored actors. Will I get a warning too if the NSA wants my data? In this age where US companies are either willfully compliant through PRISM or strong armed via NSL probably not.


I’m Canadian and I wonder the same, will FB notify Canadian users of a US action?


But what about city-states? The Vatican’s always trying to get a hold of my photos from college.


If the nation-state’s competent enough to be a threat, then no, they’re not going to tell you, because they won’t know..

And if the attack is from their own nation-state, and the attack method is to hand them a bunch of threatening legal papers that say “you can’t tell anybody or you’re going to jail”, then, no, they’re also not going to tell you.

So basically, if Facebook is attacked by the US, or the KGB, or Mossad, or the Chinese government, then no, they’re not going to tell you, but hey, if Nigeria’s corrupt defense minister decides to attack, then yeah, they’ll tell you. Probably by letting you see his friend request.

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