"Nice Reply" page sorted by date/time of post?

This has been bugging me for a while.

On the “Notifications” page, the time that you earn the “Nice Reply” badge is sorted by the time you actually earn it:

On the other hand, on the “badges” page, it’s sorted by when the post that earned the badge was actually posted:

So, let’s say I post a pithy, sarcastic remark as the first reply to a Topic, and I get a badge for it within a half-hour. Fine, I know that I got the badge for that post. However, I then get the tenth like for a post three days ago, and the badge for that gets buried 14-15 entries down on the badge page. Or the tenth like for a post two hours ago: Was that one there before? I don’t remember. Is that one on the third line the new one?

Is it possible to get this page sorted by when the badge was earned, as opposed to when the reply was originally posted, so that I can see which posts are actually earning badges?

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You can click the link on the Badges page, which is displayed as the Thread Title. e.g. Gun nut mom… and it will bring you to the post within the thread, and not just the thread.

I get that. The badges just aren’t in a useful order. I have seven different “Nice Reply” badges for the “Semiautomatic handgun advocate shot and killed her two daughters” thread. Let’s say I get an eighth; I don’t want to have to click on all eight to figure out which badge is the new one.

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For another example:

I just got a Nice Reply badge.

The reply in question:

“How Houston’s rich kids game the system (Spoiler: with their parents’ money)”

Or, at least, that’s my best guess, because the other 9 listed have 13+ Likes, and that one has exactly 10.

In order to find that out, I had to click on each of the links above it to find out that no, that definitely wasn’t the new one.

my solution is simple: I write low-quality comments and get rarely more than one badge in any topic


I try that. I only generally write one well thought out, factual, link-supported post in any topic as badge -bait, and then I just stick to sarcastic one-liners.

For some reason, the sarcastic one-liners keep getting badges at as high a rate (or higher) than the quality comments.


low-quality according to the wisdom of the masses, i.e. likes. not some kind of objective qualia.

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Tell me about it. I’ve finally got a long substantive reply that actually improves a particular thread, and it’s sitting at 46 likes, whereas my other “great” posts are one-liners. Why don’t people value information over shits-&-giggles?


I was on the potty when I read this and LOL’ed.


Shits-&-giggles are easier to process, I guess.

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Apparently…at least if @lamaranagram is any indication. :wink:

(and yes, I’m out of likes AGAIN)


You know what’s difficult to process? Corn.


This is a good point @sam can we adjust the order here?

Its a good point, but a bit tricky to correct. Adding to my list

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