Nicely preserved teenage wooly mammoth carcass to be cloned into new wooly mammoths




I love this so much. Please let it happen.


Hope it gets done. There are numbers of issues there, including the mitochondrial DNA differences between the original mammoths and the host egg.

Worst case, we learn something more. Best case, we learn something more AND have a mammoth.


How many $$ for some mammoth jerky?


I do find this exciting and I would like to see them pull it off. I do wonder at the fact that they are barely keeping white rhinos and many other living species for extinction. I know those are 2 different things and that the effort here could lead to innovations in science across the board…but if it were a choice I’d rather see focus put on protecting those white rhinos.


I had the same thought, but I wonder if the necessary amounts of money needed to clone the mammoth pale in comparison to the money needed to combat or reverse the decline of said rhino. That said, I wonder where the mammoth(s) will live, and what do we call a passel of mammoths?


These are pygmy mammoths, the won’t grow any bigger than a dog. Really.


Unless they promise to breed teacup mammoths and make them available for sale, I can’t support their cloning plans.


Sooooo, I can have a dog-sized wooly mammoth?!?!?! Well, okay.


It’s not likely to happen in our lifetimes, but makes for lovely headlines.
Here’s why.
Although the specimen is indeed beautiful, and tragic.
A photo from the Guardian article.


Am I the only one recognizing that the date on the linked article is from 2012?


Only the second one.


The linked article sums up some problems but none of that sounds like a real show-stopper. Given the publicity, the show is likely to be worked on rather hard.

Let’s wait and see. I give it 10-20 years. Maybe less, the progress in biosciences and related fields is self-accelerating.


Bah. It’s always jam tomorrow. The Future is far too slow sometimes, isn’t it?

Cool. That knocks two years of the Tiny Mammoth pre-order wait. It’s like time travel!


Who’s a T-Rex? Who’s a T-Rex? Yes! You are! Hi-five Mommy with your wittle forearms. Ooooh, who’s my T-Rex?!


Teenage wooly mammoth carcass;
Teenage wooly mammoth carcass;
Teenage wooly mammoth carcass;
Heroine in a haploid!


In the Middle East they have a thing I have heard called a shofan or hyrax which is of the elephant and manatee family, about the size of a raccoon, brown furry, no trunk, but has club-like feet similar to an elephant, I think they have little tusks too.


That would be excellent. Now, if we can somehow stop all the science funding decelerating…


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