Nicki Minaj is coming to Call of Duty

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The hit box on her ass must be ginormous!

Not that I am a fanboy or anything, but Ms Minaj has a prominent tattoo on her left bicep, which definitely ought to be visible in that pose. Interesting that it has been omitted from her avatar.

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Wow! I can almost hear the stream of racist, sexist, adolescent* edgelord chatter already. :roll_eyes::grimacing:

*From toxic males of all ages.



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Hit box?

Only a few more years until pop culture is a huge homogenous blob consisting entirely of crossovers, callbacks and multiverses, I’m sure.

I used to dream of this sort of thing as a kid. A movie with Alien vs. Predator, or Freddy vs. Jason, or Batman vs. Superman! A fighting game where you can play as pop culture figures! Sonic and Mario- together! Now that we’re in an age where everything is getting smooshed together by corporations increasingly bereft of any creativity or inspiration, I’m finding it’s not really as mind-blowing as it felt back then.


I’m guessing you have no idea who Nicky Minaj is, or how much she brags about a certain anatomical feature behind her.

You mean this?

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I’m guessing you have no idea how sexist your comment sounds.

Nothing like a Halloween party to breathe a spark back into what you’re taking about!

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