Nicki Minaj's brother has been charged with raping a 12 year old girl in Long Island


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Why is this bOiNGbOiNG material? Is it to get eyeballs from searches?


Yeah, I mean, I like Nicki Minaj’s music and even I think this is very tabloidy for boingboing.



I would complain about Xeni, but other contributers are plenty guilty as well.

Still not as bad as most Facebook news headlines.


New York Daily News also has coverage, as well as every other tabloid in the universe.

Including Boing Boing.

(Seriously, wtf?)


Yes. Probably. I mean, it’s their blog, do what they want and all, but unfortunately I see less and less “tech culture” posts from the tech culture journalist.

Re the story - that’s horrible. Jesus.


I expected MUCH more from a Xeni post, of all people. When did BoingBoing get bought out by HuffPo? Sorry, guys, but I am done with you–this has seriously jumped the shark like 12,000 times with this post. Enough! I thought BB was a refuge from most of that shit, but apparently I am wrong. Good luck with that and everthing, but I’m done. No big loss to you in the grand scheme of things but kinda sad from this end of the screen.


Boing Boing: the Daily Mail’s sadder, more pathetic sibling.


He’ll be back.


But a family member of a major celebrity is serious business! How is this not culture-related, I ask you? It’s not like he was some useless kitchen tool or something…


Yeah I don’t see how this is boingboing material at all. Feels like your typical tabloid fodder.


Guys, if you’re going to go TMZ, at least go full TMZ. Don’t half ass it.


“Nicki Minaj’s brother has been charged with raping a 12 year old, and you won’t believe what she’s wearing to the court proceedings!”

Eh, could work.


Carefully, buddy, you sound #DisappointedWithBoingBoing. You can get put on a list for talking like that.


My first thought was: This is terrible (because it is) but I really see no reason to report this unless we’re going to report on every rape that happens in this country.


My attitude is that there isn’t a serious comment to make. It’s awful, and if he’s guilty he’s awful.
And any joke comments… pedophile rape jokes about real pedophile rape are kind tough to successfully pull of.

Maybe a Chemical Castration callback comment?


There is a well worn tautology involved.

Why did you wear that shirt today? To get attention?


I must have been an ugly boy scout.


It is awful. I have no words for the story. A few Unicorns wouldn’t be unappreciated.


Should I know who these people are?