UPDATED: Tony Robbins accused of sexually assaulting high schooler at summer camp

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In before “he was only 25 at the time. Youthful indiscretion. Boys will be boys, etc.”


So basically the catholic church lite?

And why the hell would anyone pay someone to make them walk on hot coals? I can’t even walk on a rocky beach without getting pissed off.

Jumped over a bonfire in high school on a bet (yeah, you know you did stupid shit too). No injuries, but I lost all of my leg hair.


his speech doesn’t motivate me to believe him.


I don’t think there’s a phrase that I am more tired of hearing than, “that’s fake and false news”. Fucking hell, it got old fast.

As for the point of the post; if the claim is true, I’m glad the word is out.


Umm, reporting an accusation isn’t fake and false news. It is absolutely true that Robbins has been accused. GFY, Jennifer Connelly. Also, if you aren’t the star of Labyrinth, you should change your name. Ugh!


Good grief, those statements. You’d think Robbins was some sort of sainted humanitarian, rather than the goofy self-help nimrod he is. I have no problem believing he did what his accusers allege, but even if they made it all up, a screed against an article summarizing the allegations is pretty dumb. So, on brand, I guess.


Here’s my problem. Tony is saying that nothing happened. Quite understandable.

He is then saying that 34 years after all this happened, he has a group of 12 people who very vividly and clearly remember nothing happening.

I can’t believe that. I’m sorry. I can believe that there are 12 people who vividly remember the camping trip and the things that happened there and none of them remember this thing happening; but I can’t believe that 12 people remember him NOT going into the woods to make out with a 16 year old girl if she liked it or not.

Also, most of the “fake news” that we’ve heard has been shown to be authentic, or at least an understandable if incomplete viewpoint or confusion of the facts once they come out. I mean, if we can’t look up to the President as being the avatar of the virtue of truth and honesty then what should we think when a self-help guru evokes his image when imploring us not to believe a news source?

To be honest the denials from his camps stink. They sound like someone upset they were caught, not someone who didn’t do it. If he is innocent then he really needs a new PR person…


Given how Trump turned the phrase “fake news” from describing websites producing fiction while pretending to be news outlets, to simply news stories that were (almost) entirely true, but which he personally didn’t like, whenever anyone else uses it, I just assume the story is fundamentally correct. Because that’s the Trumpian definition, how it’s now consistently being used - “The story is true, but I don’t like it and don’t want to talk about it.”


I have an ex girlfriend who would have done anything for Tony Robbins. She was funding her own interstate trips to work for free at his events, in the hope of getting back into his organization and finding a paid position. Everything she told me about his operation told me she was being exploited She just thought it was wonderful.


He is then saying that 34 years after all this happened, he has a group of 12 people who very vividly and clearly remember nothing happening.

You can’t prove a negative.


@xeni I’m curious, is the statement from Robbins’ lawyer included because of worries about liability? Or a voluntary effort to be transparent?

Looks to me like a “they’re getting hanged and asking for more rope - lets give it to them” type situation.


AKA, professional con-artist who preys upon the vulnerable.

Even if Robbins had spent his entire life behaving with perfect sexual propriety, he’d still be scum.


Yeah… the dubious communiqué from Robbins’ legal rep only makes the claims against him look even more viable…



He really looks like the type. Just sayin

With a lot of these, I immediately think, “not him too!” Morgan Freeman, Neil degrasse Tyson, and George Takei come to mind… (Thank jeebus, Takei might still be ok https://www.vanityfair.com/style/2018/05/george-takei-sexual-assault-accuser-retracts-claim. … But Tyson looks a little awful, even if it won’t be revealed… https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/celebrities/2019/07/28/neil-degrasse-tyson-keeps-post-after-sexual-misconduct-investigation/1851633001/. ). Why are all the good ones monsters?

This one, though, this smarmy muscle bound piece of birthdaycake deserves bring taken down. The women involved sure as hell didn’t deserve to be injured so horribly, and so the motivational douche bag must fall!

Initially I thought it was Tony Robinson and I got sad, but I don’t know who this dickhead is.

I hope his victims get some kind of closure, that’s all that matters.


More like Awaken the Giant Douchebag Within.

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A jackass motivational speaker…


Ever heard of a movie called Shallow Hal?

He plays himself, as the creepy, over-sized “self-help guru” in it.