Nightswimming with Hannibal

FWIW, on the comment on physique - Mads Mikkelsen was actually part of a dancing ensemble for 8 years before becoming an actor.

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“French food?”

He’s been eating mostly American from what I’ve seen.


Did anyone else find the staging of the latest corpse a little far-fetched? So he rigged up those glass plates by himself? I don’t think so. He must have interns.


I’m enjoying these reviews, but what happened to the Walking Dead reviews? Was the third-to-last episode too WTF for them to handle?

My favorite Lecter savoring was his reaction to Jack’s “You’re a great friend, Hannibal.” I think Lecter misses Bedelia.

Instant Rimshot

Well played.

Yes, definitely. I hesitate to nitpick to death because these reviews do get really long, but this was the first episode where I had a hard time suspending my belief. It would take a lot longer than one night to completely freeze a body to stone. I’m just guessing. (Or am I?) If a little ice pack for my portable cooler needs 5 hours in the freezer before it’s up to snuff, I’m going to assume a whole body takes longer.

And then, yes, transporting and staging and lifting glass? That’s a bit too far. But it sure made for a cool visual. Which I guess is really the point. But I prefer my Hannibal a tiny bit more grounded.


This is an ongoing theme in the series, it’s ‘Magical Realism’. The overly complex set of glass slides is of a piece with the angel maker (who psychically identified criminals and hung himself from a rafter) , the totem pole (one 70+ year old did THAT?) or this season’s ‘eye mural’.

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