Nine weird penises in the animal kingdom

Republican leadership seems to be mostly those kids that got picked on in grade school.

Human dicks don’t even have a bone, unlike most other mammals.

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I think that it’s mostly people who picked on other kids in grade school.


Yeah, I’m gonna have to go with @Mindysan33 's take on this.


Aye, no baculum for us! Which always raises an interesting stooory: So one is translating the Bible from the original Hebrew into Greek and one hits a word known to mean, well… appendage of some-sort. This appendage was what Adam sacrificed to produce Eve, (or so the mythology goes). How to translate that? Well, perhaps it’s a rib? At least that’s more PG. But the odds on favorite is that they meant the baculum/penal_bone. Because every shepherd has seen a skeleton of their flock and “Heeeey they’ve got a bone there! Where’s mine?” (“Certainly none for you, that’s obvious” say their spouse)


Ah, but the headline says the penises are in the “animal kingdom.”
Common mistake, but that is actually a picture of a huge pile of shit sculpted to look like a human.

Interesting. Never heard that hypothesis until now, but of course found an article claiming this was debunked.

Sidenote: What’s the plural of baculum?

Anyway, this post can do with more bacula.


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