Nintendo announces live-action Legend of Zelda movie

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Just like the original game, please…

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A 12 hour epic of Link systematically bombing every wall and burning every tree to find secret entrances! Seriously though, I really like the idea of basing it on just the first game, even though there’s no way they’ll do it. I want to see a foreboding dungeon entrance in the shape of a face with a gaping mouth. I want to see Link trick a triceratops-like monster into eating a bomb. I want to see the awe on his face when he gets a piece of the Triforce and actually holds it up above his head while a triumphant music cue plays.

Link enters a dark room. The only light comes from two flickering flames to either side of a mysterious figure, casting the rest of the room in shadow so deep, it just appears to be a featureless black void. As Link approaches, the mysterious red-clad old man, played by Sir Ian McKellan, suddenly booms in a sonorous voice, “SECRET IS IN THE TIP OF THE NOSE.”



Can’t I get some dumb VC dude-bro to give me like a few billion so I can start a studio for my weird ideas for movies… I know at least one person who has experience directing, plenty of writerly types, and I live in a city known for movie/TV production… I’ll just give out ideas have people write them, and we’re off to the races!


I’d watch 'em!

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No dialog, or do you want a voice over of someone explaining their playthrough? :slight_smile:

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If you do it, I’ll be your in house counsel. I hear movie studios usually have those.


the original is good, but i’d love to see this version:


This piece sums up my feelings on a live action Zelda, though I wouldn’t mind if the movie character talked. You never hear Link talk in the game but there are parts where he does pantomimes of lengthy explanations to NPCs

Also, I somehow missed the post credits scene! Will need to try and see if I can watch it in-game now.


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