Nintendo cartridge soap




Now you are yanking our chains.


I want someone to apply this same idea to old Atari game cartridges and make them for the E.T. game. At least a soap version would be good for something. And I have a couple of friends who’d get a special joy out of being able to smash it to pieces again.


WANT! But I wouldn’t use it … and it would just gather dust.


Now, when someone says, “God, something smells gamey in here.” you can proudly raise a hand.


Smells like warm Coke and adrenaline sweat?


Comes in a variety of scents, “frustration”, “mom’s basement”, “funyuns”, and “nerd rage”


True, a real gamer wouldn’t log off for something as trivial as hygiene.


They are a UK exclusive but not shaped like the UK curved SNES cartridges? I’m a little dissapointed.


No Super Metroid? No sale!


Another wonderful thing…


Pretty awesome, but for $21 per soap? I’d bet that I could actually get a lot of these old games for less than the price of their soapy doppelgangers.

I get it’s a novelty thing, but that’s a heck of a lot for a soap.

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