Nintendo's new Fire Emblem game will have same-sex marriage

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This really isn’t great inclusiveness, in a game that has incest and really weird porn stuff and has this as the gay characters:


Yea saw this pass my twitter feed yesterday and this is kinda insulting, in a sense treating homosexuality as another fetish. I feel like this choice could also be easily be made because their dialogue/personality was by default gender neutral, because creating equivalent relationship experience means more dialogue. But if they also have no internal initiative for representation other than appeasement then this is all they’ll reach for.

And to think that when i was a child, Nintendo of America wouldn’t even allow its games to depict, say, a fighter tearing his defeated opponent’s head and spine out of their body. I think we can all agree that this squeamishness was quaint, prudish, even un-American.

But perhaps we have gone now too far in the other direction? Surely the line must be drawn somewhere short of “reflect[ing] the diversity of the communities in which we operate.” Of course no child would be influenced into brutal murder by a mere video game, but the spectre of sodomy can be much more alluring to the most young and virile among us.

…which was one of the three ghostly visitations experienced by the prudish Ebenezer Huge in the porno version of A Christmas Carol.


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