Nirvana sued over t-shirt artwork dating back to 1989

[looks closer]


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From Brown University’s The Poetry of Science: Dante’s Comedy and the Crafting of a Cosmos

Dialogo di Antonio Manetti, cittadino fiorentino, circa al sito, forma & misure dello Inferno di Dante Alighieri poeta excellentissimo [Dialogue of Antonio Manetti, Florentine Citizen, Concerning the Site, Form and Measurements of the Inferno of Dante Alighieri, Most Excellent Poet]
Girolamo Benivieni (1453–1542)
Florence, Italy: Filippo Giunti, c. 1510
Brown University Library, Chambers Dante Collection
First published in 1506


Isn’t this true under the Berne Convention?

Mick Jagger’s and Keith Richardson’s great-grandchildren will be profiting from songs they wrote in the 1960’s until at least the 2090’s
Copyright law has got stupid.


How can a map of a fictional place be factual map data?

It’s an illustration of an uncopyrighted text. That seems eligible, just like a drawing of the devil would be.

My money is on Keith Richards still being alive in 2090.


castle stana beckett stare head turn

bbs nightflyer clip detroit



This is a shining example of how idiotic copyright law has become. No one who had any part whatever in the creation of that image remains on earth, but a feudal inheritance “right” benefits corporations, lawyers, and greedy great-greats for generations. When the next extension comes up for a vote you’ll once again hear endless bleating about “protecting creators’ rights.” BS! The system is designed to separate those pesky creators from their products as quickly as possible and to transform their “rights” into a permanent source of unearned income.



No cask stove in by cant or middle ever
So gaped as one I saw there, from the chin
Down to the fart-hole split as by a cleaver.

His tripes hung by his heels; the pluck and spleen
Showed with the liver and the sordid sack
That turns to dung the food it swallows in.

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What’s the going rate for a first edition of the Dorothy Sayers translation? AFAF

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Berne Convention says the opposite - countries don’t have to offer better protection to a creator than that creator would have received at home. It doesn’t say they can’t offer less, as long as they’re meeting the minimum requirements of the Berne Convention. Otherwise every country would be life + 100 because Mexico.

The US also didn’t sign the Berne Convention until the late 80 or early 90s because they didn’t want to have to recognize moral rights as a thing. So this copyright likely expired before they were even a Berne country.


Ahh, I get it now. Cheers.

Or at least undead.

South Park says “too soon” expires after 22.3 years so I guess you’re OK

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Not even… South Detroit?

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Yes, if you made an image you have the copyright unless you sign it away.

The article says they want them to stop selling the t-shirt. If they’ve been selling it online to customers outside the US then there is probably a case in some countries at least.

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…Although I’d wager that some of these t-shirts were sold in the UK and other countries that had “Life + xx” copyright terms at the time.

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It would be nice if Black majority cities stopped being the butt of jokes, actually.