NJ Police chief charged with asking to have sex with cop’s wife and pre-teen daughter will remain on the force

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Imagine being such a vile cop that even the police union publicly calls you out as a lying scumbag.


I’m intrigued to hear from Union President Craig Scarpa exactly “how many” times is “too many” because it sure sounds like he’s got a lot of empirical evidence, but also maybe that number should be lower.

Like, maybe we can try “once” and see where that gets us?


Do police unions view chiefs as management or as labor?


What a low bar we’ve set when we’re surprised the cop even bothered to ask permission first.


How long before former Police Chief Rudolph Beu explains that he was only joking and is sorry if anyone was offended?


It now dawns on me why I left New Jersey in 1976 and never returned. Good riddance to bad rubbish.


If someone joked about having sex with my pre-teen daughter… I wouldn’t be laughing, and neither would they.


Roger That!


While I understand the sentiment, the subordinate cop probably did the the most effective thing he could. If he’d responded to scumbag pedophile Rudolph Beu the way the chief deserved, he’d likely be the one facing worse sanctions instead of his lowlife boss facing this manifestly inadequate slap on the wrist.

Deputy Chief Rudy Beu needs to be cashiered from his job and hopefully the public will put pressure on the Vineland Police Department to kick him off the force.

In any just universe where cops weren’t effectively above the law, pedophile Rudy Beu would be in prison for soliciting sex with a minor.


I mean - I am not in the least criticizing the subordinate cops actions. If it were my boss who made such statements, I’d be looking for a new job anyway.

I can appreciate being a cop does complicate the situation more than being a production designer.


So has the PD IT searched this guy’s electronic devices for CP?


Above a certain rank and level of leadership role they are non-union, though there’s sometimes a separate union for leadership.

Where I’m at I think it’s lieutenant and above are non-union.

Though the local police Union was (maybe still is) essentially captive to a corrupt District Attorney who controlled the county political machine, and the corrupt drunk he installed as Police Chief (both currently in Federal Prison). And would routinely sand bag regular officers and especially reformers for the sake of propping up leadership and their croneys.

Police Unions often aren’t in the business of defending labor in the first place. So it doesn’t seem to matter much of the time.


They do seem like they are often in the business of defending police misbehavior, making it very difficult to remove bad apples. It also seems like they at least occasionally accuse non-police political actors of misbehavior. I wasn’t sure in this case whether the union was going against their usual modus or not.


That’s the thing though. For every vehement defense of a guy like Derek Chauvin, there’s much more quietly 10 legitimately good cops who were pigeon holed, pressed off the force or even threatened/endangered for not “going along”. Either with the Union’s cooperation, or by the Union.

Press wise you hear about it a lot with any non-white or female cop who tries to defend themselves from discrimination or harassment. Pretty universally you hear about people in that position just getting ghosted by the Union while mistreatment and even violence directed at them ramps up.

Many Police Unions are very concerned about their duty to protect the rights of members when a cop harms the public, but not so much when the department harms their members.

They’re less labor Unions than the blue wall personified.


With a pre-teen daughter myself, I’m afraid if I was that cop, I wouldn’t be able to show that degree of restraint.

I’m sure that cops know people, and can dispose of bodies pretty easily…

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the chief is the employer, he’s not a union member


The officer went to his union, Vineland PBA Local 266, and filed a formal complaint with the city solicitor.

City solicitor? Awkward.

Tangential to the story, but this couple were in a sports bar and their kids were outside in the truck? Is that normal?

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