Nkechi Diallo, formerly known as Rachel Dolezal, was just fired from her job as an elementary school instructor for having an OnlyFans account

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… truly this is a “wonderful thing” :roll_eyes:

The truly messed-up things in this story are that (a) teacher salaries are so low that teachers need to find alternative sources of income just to make ends meet, and (b) that school authorities and society in general are still so backward as to believe that showing some skin on the Internet makes you unfit to care for children.

Whatever questionable choices Ms. Dolezal/Diallo may have made, they are trivial in comparison with (a) and (b) above.


Not gonna shame her for having an OF, I think it’s a non-issue. But man, this simulation is getting weirder by the day.


I’m still waiting for them to bring the murder hornets back. I’m pretty sure there’s someone in the corner of the writer’s room going “Look, we foreshadowed the murder hornets for months. We can’t just forget about them. Especially now that the pandemic storyline is nearly played out.” And all the other writers are going “Jeez, Larry, what is it with you and those fucking hornets? It’s time to move on, man.”

Maybe Dolezal/Diallo will take her revenge on the school board with her loyal army of murder hornets.


I can’t find this policy anywhere. All of the local media reporting on this story are including this statement, but none of them are including the policy, and I can’t find it on the school district’s website. I am suspicious. I don’t like Diallo. I don’t like what she did several years ago in misrepresenting herself as a black woman when she isn’t. But she should talk to a lawyer.


Oh bullshit…


Comparing this to transgender people is bullshit. Stop spreading right wing nonsense that harms us.


Coopting a cultural identity without any of the lived experience is not cool. Even if you have the right genetics. My ancestors came from Sweden, so I guess I could identify as Swedish. I don’t speak a lick of the language, have never been there, have no experience with the culture, can find it on a map, but that’s about it. And that would not be nearly as offensive as a member of a culture that enslaved, murdered and held down another entire culture deciding that they will just be that culture. It’s not OK. That is not how to be an ally. And comparing it to transgender is not cool either (not you, but I have seen it.) “Race” is a cultural invention, with no grounding in biology. “Race” is essentially the cultural experience of a certain group chosen out for a characteristic they cannot control. If you lack that experience, it’s tough to claim that mantle.


Amadou Diallo was of course the victim of a police murder shot 41 times.

At least she’s consistent?


Straight to video will be a soon to occur item.

Yeah, this is based on there being more acceptance of trans people without any understanding why. It’s like saying that now that it’s ok for men can marry other men, marrying cats must be just around the corner. They might sound superficially similar but there’s no slope, one is based on what people are actually like and the other is made up.

And, of course, not everyone is becoming more accepting of LGBTQ+ people. It’s awful that it’s a fight but it is.


No, no, anybody who has ever shopped at IKEA and has eaten the meatballs at the cafeteria is legally entitled to claim Swedish ancestry. It’s right there in their terms and conditions.




Well, the Swedes did invite one of Napoleon’s French generals to be their king, so they are pretty accepting of other nationalities.


A lot of countries are pretty happy to adopt someone when it’s a noble, a general, or a billionaire…ordinary people not always so much…


Man, I thought she would have given that whole schtick up by now.

IMO, that doesn’t make her a good fit for being a teacher. Don’t really care or think it is relevant she has an OF.

Man… my kids 2nd? grade teacher got let go in the middle of the year. No reason was publicly given, but it was a Catholic school so it was probably some BS morality clause. :confused:

Yes, but in order to claim it, they send you a dissembled 18th century printing press and a case of lead type for you to print out and process the paper work.


Last I heard, the writers were planning to have the murder hornets be deployed by the border caravans. I think they’re also trying to find some way to tie “deep state”, “Hillary’s emails”, or “Hunter’s laptop” in as well just to be sure the story has good reception.


Her job was described as an “after-care instructor,” which sounds to me like a part-time gig that’s probably more or less just supervising children and keeping them safe in an after-school setting while they wait for their parents to finish work and come retrieve them. I doubt it has the same sort of credentialing requirements as being a teacher. So as long as she wasn’t endangering the kids and wasn’t spending all her time indoctrinating them with bad ideas I don’t see why she’d be a worse fit at that job than anyone else. If she had been hired specifically to teach classes in African-American studies or something that might be a bit more troublesome.